Oct 6, 2020
Restaurants Canada calls on B.C.’s next government to get cooking
By the Editors

What’s on the menu? A lot for B.C.’s political parties to chew on, it seems. Restaurants Canada, a nonprofit association representing foodservice workers across the country, has fittingly released a menu of the items it wants to see the next B.C.

Oct 2, 2020
BCBusiness Report Card: Debate preparation and a good week for Vancouver tech
Nathan Caddell

The first U.S. presidential debate was a massive tire fire inside a dumpster fire inside a burning building. We’re not even trying to be funny; that’s really the most adequate description we can come up with. But it made us think...

Sep 25, 2020
BC Liberals lean on business leaders to fill candidate spots across the province
Nathan Caddell

This is a pivotal election for the BC Liberal Party. After coming in as the favourite and narrowly missing out on forming government last time around, the party comes into this contest as the presumptive underdog. The current government, led by...

Jul 17, 2020
BCBusiness Report Card: Nice time is over at the provincial legislature
Nathan Caddell

What does “getting back to normal” mean? Well, it means restaurants and bars, haircuts and professional sports. All things we’re seeing now, even if they are altered slightly (haircuts with masks) or dramatically (Major League Soccer—and soon the NHL—with no fans). But if...

Feb 21, 2020
BCBusiness Report Card: Breaking down the budget
Nathan Caddell

Two months into 2020, and British Columbians have collectively made the switch from checking the news to see if snow is going to derail their transportation plans to checking to see if protestors will do it instead. Is that progress? Speaking of...

Dec 6, 2019
In BC Chamber address, John Horgan makes the case for government spending, Indigenous rights
Nick Rockel

John Horgan showed off his yellow Star Trek socks earlier this week, but what he really wanted to talk about was how he thinks British Columbians and their businesses can live long and prosper. Without a phaser to fall back on, the NDP premier and hard-core Trekkie also demonstrated his skill...

Dec 2, 2019
Border War: How American nationalism is having a big impact on B.C. entrepreneurs and professionals
Dee Hon

Buy American and Hire American. That’s the title of the executive order President Donald Trump signed in April 2017. Now the directive is sowing confusion and turmoil for B.C. and other Canadian business travellers trying to enter the U.S. Trump ordered...

Nov 23, 2019
BCBusiness Report Card: Calling out the cabinet and transit gets real
Nathan Caddell

There are few things we enjoy more in this world than an ironclad, bulletproof excuse. So the imminent transit shutdown facing commuters (all transit services will halt on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in Vancouver, pending a resolution to the strike) presents...

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