Apr 28, 2021
With Boldr, Aquilini Investment Group thinks it can crack the crowded vodka soda market
Nathan Caddell

Is there a B.C. industry more absolutely stacked to the wall with competition than the flavoured vodka soda market? Maybe, but there’s no denying that the hard-drink-with-low-calories game has more rivals lurking around every corner than a Batman comic. So why...

Apr 27, 2021
How a Vancouver entrepreneur wants to help restaurants pay the bills
Nathan Caddell

Sometimes the most boring, boilerplate city regulations can have massive implications. In the summer of 2019, the City of Vancouver started cracking down on businesses and residences to install backflow prevention assemblies and have them professionally tested on each year. The...

Apr 14, 2021
How a Victoria whisky distiller pledges to fight a “ridiculous, frivolous” lawsuit
Nathan Caddell

There are a few elements to Graeme Macaloney being sued by the Scotch Whisky Association for, among other things, using his own name. The first is that Macaloney, who talks with a thick Scottish accent that shows zero sign of fading...

Mar 29, 2021
This female-led B.C. restaurant plans to uplift women and reinvent the business
Nick Rockel

Who launches a restaurant during a pandemic? If that sounds like a crazy idea, Elizabeth Mah, Melissa Steacy and Kelly Ann Woods should convince you otherwise. The three partners will open Cordelia’s Locket, a downtown Squamish café, wine bar and pantry, in May. Besides offering career opportunities to women who have been left jobless and time-strapped by coronavirus outbreak, the female-led enterprise will take a new approach to running a restaurant, drawing on lessons learned from COVID...

Mar 19, 2021
The Innovators: A&W is bringing sustainability to fast food
Michael McCullough

What’s innovative about flipping burgers? Well, what if those burgers aren’t made with meat? In the fall of 2018, A&W Food Services of Canada became the first fast-food chain in North America to add plant protein-based Beyond Meat patties to its menu, and unlike another chain with strong Canadian ties...

Nov 17, 2020
Yellow Dog has the best reputation among B.C. breweries: report
Nathan Caddell

What’s the best brewery in B.C.? It’s a divisive topic. And, like arguing about the best Spice Girl or the top Pixar movie of all time, it’s all a matter of taste. (Posh and Toy Story for the win; sorry not...

Nov 5, 2020
Casalinga Feeds the Soul
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + Casalinga Food Company In some parts of Italy, you will find houses with a sign outside that reads, “Casalinga,” which means, ‘Come into my home and I will cook for you.’ This invitation to share in wholesome, delicious food is...

Oct 8, 2020
Best B.C. beers in swing ridings: A close race is brewing in Langley for the first time in years
Nathan Caddell

October is BC Craft Beer Month. There’s also an election coming up, if you haven’t heard. Because politics and beer actually mix very well, we’ll be analyzing the top three beers in ridings across the province up until the October...

Oct 6, 2020
Restaurants Canada calls on B.C.’s next government to get cooking
By the Editors

What’s on the menu? A lot for B.C.’s political parties to chew on, it seems. Restaurants Canada, a nonprofit association representing foodservice workers across the country, has fittingly released a menu of the items it wants to see the next B.C.

Aug 31, 2020
How one Vancouver hotel’s “long-term perspective” led to a daring move
Nathan Caddell

While most in the hospitality business were cutting employees and costs during the COVID-19 pandemic, one of Vancouver’s oldest hotels was spending cash on improvements. The St. Regis Hotel, which has stood at Dunsmuir and Howe streets in Vancouver since 1913...

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