At a time when landmarks are being mowed down for real estate projects, it's become trendy to pay homage to the former. We pulled together a few examples of this marketing spin:

Arbutus Ridge

Location: 16th and Arbutus, Vancouver

Formerly: The Ridge movie theatre and bowling alley

Now: 48 condo units above a grocery store

What it kept: The theatre’s iconic old sign, which sits at the top of the building


Old School

Location: 28th Avenue, South Surrey

Formerly: Sunnyside Elementary

Now: A row of 94 townhouses

What it kept: Playful use of the English language (it’s an old school, get it?) that we’re sure the former facility’s grammar teachers would appreciate


The Links

Location: 152 Street, Surrey

Formerly: A forest overlooking Guildford Golf & Country Club

Now: A townhouse development with 55 units and the price tag
that comes with living next to a country club

What it kept: Well, not the forest. But the property’s listing page certainly enjoys the puns that come with being connected to a golf course. Case in point: “At The Links, the grass really is greener”


The News

Location: Gladys Avenue, Abbotsford

Formerly: Headquarters of the Abbotsford News paper

Now: A soon-to-be six-storey monster with 282 residential units

What it kept: The newspaper will remain on the premises. For now, at least, it appears that heritage isn’t dead


The RailYards

Location: Tyee Road, Victoria

Formerly: An old CN rail yard briefly called Bayside Village in a push for development that didn’t come to fruition. Until…

Now: A “carefully planned waterfront community” of 13 acres that’s stuffed with condos, townhouses and commercial space

What it kept: Proximity to the Selkirk Waterway. That’s about it


The Spot

Location: 12th and Cambie, Vancouver

Formerly: A White Spot restaurant

Now: An eight-storey mammoth with 160 units of residential space and ground-floor commercial use

What it kept: Just the name, apparently. There were rumours that a White Spot would be slotted among the retail space, but that doesn’t seem to have happened


Turner’s Dairy

Location: 17th and Ontario, Vancouver

Formerly: An industrial complex that housed many endeavours, beginning with a dairy business launched by Frederick Turner and his three sons

Now: 13 townhouses of various sizes are in the works

What it kept: Judging by the neighbourhood, any lactose remnants will be swiftly jettisoned in favour of almond-based products

Naming a property development isn’t rocket science. Try these handy formulas!

  • Choose two words ending with a location or landscape element: Grandview Corners, Morgan Crossing, Queen’s Landing, Avalon Park, Cedar Ridge
  • In a pinch, a person’s name will do: Sylvia, The George, Henry
  • Just use the nearest intersection: Heather and Seventeenth, Davie & Nicola, 567 Clarke + Como