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Jan 1, 2009
Travelling to Cuba
Tyee Bridge

Our white Peugeot station wagon passes a baseball field where a billboard above home plate reads, in Spanish, Socialism or Death. “Cuba, it’s a funny place,” Jourdain says into the rear-view mirror. He looks a bit like a young Cary...

Jan 1, 2009
Culture: Carmen, Constant Wife & Assume Nothing
Sophia Kim

CONSTANT WIFE (Theatre) Said to be “an antecedent to the women of Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City,” Constance Middleton – a protofeminist creation of playwright W. Somerset Maugham’s – is a middle-class housewife of the 1920s betrayed by a cheating husband. Strong, composed and charming, Middleton chooses, rather...

Jan 1, 2009
Eastern Promises: B.C. Trade to China
J Bucher

With Sichuan sifting through rubble, B.C. is freshly confident it can sell the Chinese on wood homes. Humans have a knack for myth-making, and we particularly like stories that culminate in beauty, riches, earthly bliss. Shangri-La, the fountain of youth, El Dorado: the tales we tell in earnestness and optimism may in fact provide a blueprint to our darker needs and anxieties.

Dec 23, 2008
Unmediated Disaster
Tony Wanless

Sun Media Corp. which owns Vancouver's 24 Hours free daily newspaper, as well as 42 other papers across Canada, cut 600 workers recently, most from its editorial departments. This follows previous cuts by other newspaper chains such as Canwest Global Communications Corp., which owns the Vancouver Sun and The Province...

Dec 22, 2008
Lining Up at the Trough
Tony Wanless

The forestry industry in B.C. and Canada is now lining up in Ottawa and asking for a bailout or some other kind of relief for its problems. Can't say as I blame them. Why shouldn't they? After all, they do represent a real Canadian industry, instead of branch plants of...

Dec 17, 2008
The Book on Co-opetition
Tony Wanless

Nice to see that Victoria's Abebooks has finalized a sale to , and at the same time validated a 21st Century business model that is only going to gain strength in future. Abebooks, which began in 1995 as Advance Book Exchange, grew into the world's largest online marketplace for...

Dec 3, 2008
Video: Robert Fung's Revival of Gastown
Joel Bentley

Robert Fung – the Salient Group developer and subject of this month’s profile, "Old Soul" – is restoring a series of heritage buildings in Vancouver’s Gastown. Synthesizing modern architecture with traditional building frames and 100-year-old windows, Fung has designed a series of interconnected buildings housing condos, studios and commercial spaces.

Dec 1, 2008
Last Call for Telemarketing
Steve Burgess

It was a story no media outlet could resist. Apparently the National Do Not Call List had its own do-not-call list, and it included almost everybody. The federal government finally established a registry that would prevent telemarketers from contacting unwilling customers, and the public was eager to sign up. But...

Dec 1, 2008
Alternative Energy
BCBusiness D.B.

People in the wind turbine game are the aviation nuts of decades past. Like building airplanes, building turbines requires a love of design, an inventor's turn of mind, and an instinct for the passage of air over a wing. Who can look at the videos below and not recall crackling sepia footage of the early-model planes ‒ the midwing, the tandem propeller, the monoplane? Most of these designs were destined never to get airborne. Will any of these turbines succeed...

Dec 1, 2008
The Best and Worst Canadian Music Ever
J Bucher

The ink- and electron-stained wretches of the BCBusiness digital and editorial teams got together and reminisced about dropping out of high school, growing up in Comox, admiring Corey Hart's lips, grimacing through Alanis's ear-puncturing first career. And took comprehensive notes. And this, friend, is the result: the best and worst Canadian...

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