May 6, 2009
Lights Out: B.C.'s Struggling Golf Resorts
Jim Sutherland

Oh sure, you’re on your game during this dream tour of B.C.’s new crop of high-end resort courses. Too bad the clubs are scrambling to stay in business, or even to open for it. Your overwhelming thought while getting ready to swing for the pin at the 15th on Ucluelet’s Wyndansea Oceanfront Golf Resort: “I can’t wait to see what kind of shape John Daly’s in when he gets to this hole.”...

Apr 28, 2009
Starbucks Ennui
Tony Wanless

These cappuccino capitalists from Seattle turned Vancouver, which was pretty well wool and hiking boot culture, into the centre of Coffee Cool. A place where boulevardiers gathered to sip Ventes and stare at each other, like cool places such as...

Apr 20, 2009
Cellular On The Move
Peter Severinson

Every once in a while, a company throws in all its chips for one big hand. Such was Sierra Wireless Inc.’s purchase of French rival Wavecom SA in March. Before the deal, Sierra employed roughly 500 people to build and sell its wireless computing products. The addition of Wavecom brings the head count to about 900, creating a large-scale, multinational wireless conglomerate.

Apr 20, 2009
The Lesson of Ray Lam: Manage Yourself, Not the Medium
Tony Wanless

The picture showed him clutching a woman’s breast, presumably at some party. By Monday morning, the Vancouver False Creek candidate, Ray Lam, had pulled out of the race. In the last federal election we saw some of this – candidates’...

Apr 20, 2009
Retail Displays: Putting on a Front
Alison McLaughlin

Appreciation for the theatre outside his own window is echoed in the extravagant window and floor displays he creates for his retail clients. “The window is the first point of contact for a store, the calling card,” says Williams, who today is surrounded in his cramped workshop by hundreds of fluorescent...

Apr 20, 2009
Survivor: Berryland
Peter Severinson

Chaim Kempler leads a team of berry researchers at the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre in Agassiz, a federal operation supported by the berry industry whose aim is to produce the world’s tastiest and toughest berries. Each year researchers create 20 to 60 new berry varieties by crossbreeding different types, Kempler explains.

Apr 14, 2009
Gangland Vancouver: A Little PR Will Fix This
Tony Wanless

A week earlier, some guy was ambushed outside his family compound. Lucky for him, the machine gun’s wall of fire somehow missed him. His Hummer took a few, though. None of this is true, of course, but it makes for good stories that people in the outside world now tell about...

Apr 6, 2009
Lights. Camera. De-industrialize!
Tony Wanless

And that's just the beginning. Apparently it plans to eventually have only 20 core employees and 100 contractors, which would actually make it larger than it was before the recent “cut”. Of course, many are moaning about this “layoff”. The press chalks it up to the tally of jobs lost due...

Apr 3, 2009
History's Ten Greatest Innovations

The world's greatest innovators and their indispensable inventions. Our choices are taken from the vast plain of time. These top innovations made the list based on how they changed the way people looked at the world and the way we've lived our lives. 10. Heliocentricism

Mar 24, 2009
Travelling to the Great Bear Rainforest, B.C.
Masa Takei

Some knucklehead is yowling like a wolf up on deck. I lean up in my bunk and pull out my earplugs. There’s nothing, just the lapping of water and the gentle bobbing of our 68-foot wooden yacht at anchor. Then...

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