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Imagine Kootenay

River and mountain views from aboveThe Kootenay region is home to many communities, some high in the mountains, some alongside beautiful lakes or rivers, others on fertile agricultural land. All of them unique.
Located in the southeast corner of B.C., the Kootenays are still something of a hidden gem. With 11 ski resorts, nine natural hot springs, and 58 provincial parks, the region is a wilderness paradise. It’s no wonder that a growing number of people are relocating to the area from urban centres like Vancouver and Calgary.

Resources are the backbone of the Kootenay economy, while the tourism and technology sectors are on the rise. There is a diverse job market and a culture of entrepreneurship.
If you want to know more about the people who live, work, and do business in the Kootenay region, visit imaginekootenay.com, which is full of information for people considering a move to the Kootenays.

Alongside current work and business opportunities, the website shares the stories of people who have successfully relocated. Fiona Richards and her partner Doug Jones, both professional artists, left Calgary and now run the popular retail store called Cartolina in downtown Nelson. Megan Adams moved from California to Invermere, where she runs The Mountain Hub co-working space.

Whether you’re looking for a job or a business opportunity, you can find it in the Kootenays. If you’ve ever dreamed of calling the Kootenays home, you’ll want to visit imaginekootenay.com.A patio with views