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Surrey at the Epicentre of Growth

Lark Group creates a social ecosystem

Surrey city skyline at nightAs B.C.’s fastest growing city, Surrey is poised to become the first metropolitan centre for the region. With an effective collaborative and regional approach to development, City Centre continues to evolve as the principal hub to manage that growth—positioned as a vibrant business network and economic driver for the city.

The revitalization of downtown Surrey has been the focus of significant transformation and progressive development over the years. Not only is it recognized as a burgeoning social and cultural nucleus but it also continues to emerge as a robust player in health and technology throughout B.C. and Surrey is seizing the opportunity to create spaces and environment to galvanize this province's evolving technology economy.

“With the massive influx of families in the community, which translates into students and future talent, Surrey has found it’s become an asset in the overall B.C. ecosystem around this emerging technology sector,” said Rowena Rizzotti, vice-president of health care and innovation at Lark Group.

“Surrey has produced this access between post-secondary, the research, the science, the health system and the entrepreneurs; it’s created this catalyst in the community that has a far-reaching impact on people and society,” she said.
Moreover, Surrey assumes a leadership role in reaching out to help support the development of other innovative Vancouver ecosystems and further emerging Vancouver municipalities.

In less than a decade, approximately one million square feet of office and retail space will be built out in the Lark Group’s Health and Technology District—a core precinct where a synergy of government, academia and health organizations join forces to accelerate the implementation of technologies and solutions focused on health-care impacts and improvements.

Strategically located across from Surrey Memorial Hospital, the Health and Technology District is a dedicated space of connectivity and collaboration for a cluster of innovative multinational companies and startups with like-minded entrepreneurs and scientists, as well as universities and global-leading partners.

“We saw the opportunity to create the buildings and the ecosystem that could help develop entrepreneurs and incubate those innovative new ideas into commercialized outcomes that will impact the future in jobs and products both locally and nationally, and ultimately globally,” said Rizzotti.

Lark Group continues to expand the energy of the District with the construction of City Centre 3, the third building in a series of eight mixed-use, high-tech buildings. Upon completion of the District, Rizzotti estimates more than 15,000 jobs will be created and more than $1 billion will be injected annually into the Lower Mainland economy.

“The energy seems to be captivating others who want to be a part of this,” said Rizzotti. “There are new faces and organizations joining on a monthly basis. It’s become very attractive to those interested in operating and working alongside other thought leaders that have aspirations for global impact and positive social change. I think it’s creating a social ecosystem as well, and that’s become quite exciting for people.”

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