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What people are saying about Nanaimo

Nanaimo city and harbour from the waterWe asked a few business community leaders to tell us:

"What exciting things do you see happening in Nanaimo?"


“In the first two months of 2019 alone, we’ve issued building permits for $90 million, a significant jump from the same time last year. With a new, young and visionary council leading the way, this is a time of incredible optimism in Nanaimo.”
— Amrit Manhas, City of Nanaimo Economic Development Officer


“We are definitely seeing more startups in the tech sector here, especially in the new co-working space which is geared towards supporting tech companies. The weather, the lifestyle, tech tools that make managing remote workers so much easier—Nanaimo is really a great place to live, so combined with that, it’s an ideal choice.”
— Shawn Adrian, Partner, Input Logic


“There are huge changes happening in health care in Nanaimo right now. What we are seeing is the services that didn’t exist here before are now based in Nanaimo. It’s a significant shift. When you can get the health care you need in the community you live in, that’s a game-changer.”
— Donna Hais, General Manager, R. W. (Bob) Wall Ltd.


“The Port of Nanaimo has completed the inaugural visit of our first auto carrier, bringing European-built autos to our assembly wharf. We are proud to be the only western Canadian port of entry for European automakers, and to see the local benefits this project has created. The growth of the Port is one indication of the overall growth we see in Nanaimo today, as both businesses and people discover the benefits of our location.”
— David Mailloux, Port Communications Director


“In 2018, VIU completed three new facilities—the Centre for Health and Science, the Trades Discovery Centre and the District Geo-Exchange Energy System with the generous support of both the public and private sectors. We look forward to welcoming more students and working on priority projects, particularly more affordable housing options.”
— Dan Hurley, Director, Communications and Public Engagement, VIU


“This fall we will complete a multi-million-dollar expansion of our Air Terminal Building, and as we enter our 10th consecutive year of record-setting passenger volume, the resumption in June of a seasonal direct flight to Toronto will bring even more people to our region. We are thrilled with the growth and expansion we are seeing in Nanaimo, and looking forward to the future of this community.”
— Mike Hooper, President & CEO, Nanaimo Airport