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Jelly Academy launches new must-have digital skills course
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Jelly’s new academy, to be launched in January, is for individuals instead of groups and will again be conducted for a six-week duration in Fort Langley

Businesses now can perform necessary online strategies in-house

It’s a given that ongoing education is essential to the career development of most adult professionals in Canada, especially considering the rapid pace of technology and standards as well as the sheer flow of business.

But what are the most useful skills to be obtained from this vast realm of choices? From the perspective of the professionals at Jelly Digital Marketing & PR Agency—which is preparing to open a learning academy that is the first of its kind in the Fraser Valley—many companies are increasingly relying on them to provide education in three areas: social media, public relations, and digital advertising.

This doesn’t surprise Jelly’s managing partner, Darian Kovacs. “Regardless of what kind of company it is, these three elements involved in doing business are usually farmed out instead of being taken care of in-house. And that can be a drawback on many levels.”

Indeed, in addition to the obvious problems of the cost of outsourcing and quality control, businesses are missing out on the opportunities to increase revenue and enhance brand awareness by undertaking digital marketing strategies themselves.

Two years ago, frustrated by the number of recognizable brands that felt compelled to outsource their social media, PR, and digital advertising needs, in Jelly’s Fort Langley headquarters Kovacs launched a training program for groups that lasted six weeks, and provided all the expertise required for them to immediately implement learned concepts—even if the skills seemed unachievable upon registration.

Jelly’s new academy, to be launched in January, is for individuals instead of groups and will again be conducted on Tuesday evenings for a six-week duration in Fort Langley. “We’re excited because our group training was a huge success: we had everything from hair studios and cleaning companies to colleges attending,” says Kovacs. “With our team of practitioner educators passing on the What, Where, Who, When, Why and How of a winning campaign and the departments within them, these individuals will be qualified for exciting new careers paths, or be more valuable as employees should they already have a career. Trainees will walk away with professional certifications that employers want.”

The Jelly team’s success in boosting well-known brands is considerable. For example, its social and digital media campaign for La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries resulted in $128,366 of monetized advertorial PR value, a 22-per-cent increase in traffic to the La-Z-Boy website, and a six-per-cent increase in sales. Similar results have been achieved on behalf of Spence Diamonds, Hardbite Chips, and many other companies, as well as real-estate projects.

The academy for individuals will be the same as the group academy in that the strategy is “to get you hands-on experience from the start, working on ads and media campaigns in-class,” says Kovacs. “It’s a big learning curve, but by the end of six weeks, you can hit the ground running.” And for those seeking careers, the certificates they receive at the end of six weeks from Jelly, Google, Hootsuite, and Facebook, go a long way in ensuring they’ll be snapped up for their newfound skills sooner than later.

The significance of Jelly’s Fort Langley location cannot be overlooked. “The Fraser Valley in a few short years has become a business hub, and it’s growing, so we expect the vast majority of our enrollees will be from this region,” says Kovacs.

He concludes: “We’re very motivated to offer this new academy, run by working professionals who are up to snuff on the latest real-time updates of what is an extremely fast moving industry. We’re confident that the up and coming talent who enrol will think so, too.”

For details how to win a free Jelly Academy course, go here.

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