Terminal City Club
Credit: Terminal City Club Facebook

As British Columbians emerge from COVID-induced isolation, these groups give us a chance to network in person again

acetechAcetech Facebook


Tagline/mission: We fuel the growth of innovation leaders so they can accelerate the path of their company’s success

Target audience: Leaders of innovation-based companies

Members in B.C.: 100

Average member age: 45

Female membership: 10%

Requirements to join: At least $2 million in revenue/investment plus 10 employees, or by recommendation

Initiation fee: None

Annual membership cost: $8,800

Large group events per year: 1

Small group events per year: 24

B.C. presence outside Metro Vancouver: Members throughout B.C. and Alberta

Owner: Nonprofit

Chief executive: Peter Payne

EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization Vancouver)EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization Vancouver) Facebook

EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization Vancouver)

Tagline/mission: Discover. Explore. Join.

Target audience: Entrepreneurs with a controlling stake in a company

Members in B.C.: 210

Average member age: 43

Female membership: 14%

Requirements to join: At least US$1 million in annual revenue

Initiation fee: $5,000

Annual membership cost: $2,700 local/US$2,500 global

Large group events per year: 25

Small group events per year: 12

B.C. presence outside Metro Vancouver: Victoria and Okanagan

Groups across Canada: 16

Global members: 16,000

Owner: Nonprofit

Chief executive: Jay Martin

Greater Vancouver Board of TradeGreater Vancouver Board of Trade Facebook.

Greater Vancouver Board of Trade

Tagline/mission: To support sustainable prosperity throughout the Greater Vancouver region

Target audience: Everyone involved in business

Members in B.C.: 5,600

Average member age: NP

Female membership: NP

Requirements to join: Per bylaws

Initiation fee: None

Annual membership cost: $699

Large group events per year: 50

Small group events per year: 60

Owner: Member-owned

Chief executive: Bridgitte Anderson

NP=not provided

MacKay CEO ForumsMacKay CEO Forums

MacKay CEO Forums

Tagline/missionOur dream is to populate the world with inspiring leaders

Target audience: Forward-thinking, action-oriented, accomplished CEOs, executives and business owners with a drive for continuous development

Members in B.C.: 792

Average member age: 55

Female membership: 32%

Requirements to join: Three forum types, based on leadership position and annual revenue of $250,000 to $5 billion

Initiation fee: None

Annual membership cost: $7,900 Executive Forum/$10,300 CEO Forum

Large group events per year: 70

Small group events per year: 24

B.C. presence outside Metro Vancouver: Victoria and Kelowna peer groups, plus virtual options

Groups across Canada: 76

Global members: 35

Owner: Investor group

Chief executive: Peter Zukow

TEC (The Executive Committee)TEC (The Executive Committee) Facebook

TEC (The Executive Committee)

Tagline/mission: Dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of chief executives and business leaders

Target audience: CEOs, business owners, business leaders and driven, lifelong learners

Members in B.C.: 250

Average member age: 47

Female membership: 17%

Requirements to join: Business size and leadership position are considered when determining which TEC group type best suits a member

Initiation fee: $1,500

Annual membership cost: $9,300+ (varies by program)

Large group events per year: 75

Small group events per year: 15

B.C. presence outside Metro Vancouver: Chapters in cities such as Kelowna

Groups across Canada: 141

Global members: 23,000+

Owner: Privately held 

Chief executive: Todd Millar

Terminal City ClubTerminal City Club Facebook

Terminal City Club

Tagline/mission: Where You Belong

Target audience: Members come from diverse backgrounds and represent a wide range of industries

Members in B.C.: 2,080

Average member age: 48

Female membership: 33%

Requirements to join: Must be nominated by two members and voted in by fellow members

Initiation fee: $950 to $4,500

Annual membership cost: $3,444

Large group events per year: 350

Small group events per year: 2,000

Global members: 108

Owner: Corporation owned by shareholding TCC members

Chief executive: Stewart Marshall

The Vancouver ClubThe Vancouver Club Facebook

The Vancouver Club

Tagline/mission: Our Best Together

Target audience: A diverse spectrum of individuals of varying demographics, often those who are shaping the fabric of the city and seeking to connect with a community of like-minded, successful professionals

Members in B.C.: 1,600

Average member age: Early 40s

Female membership: 30%

Requirements to join: Prospective members fill out an application form and pay a $1,000 nonrefundable deposit

Initiation fee: $7,500

Annual membership cost: $2,500

Large group events per year: 300

Small group events per year: 50

Owner: Nonprofit

Chief executive: Dean Medwid

YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) Western CanadaYPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) Western Canada Facebook

YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) Western Canada

Tagline/mission: Better Leaders Through Learning and Idea Exchange

Target audience: Family-business operators, professional managers and entrepreneurs

Members in B.C.: 250

Average member age: Must join by 45

Female membership: 9%

Requirements to join: (a) sales/service/manufacturing – at least US$13 million in annual revenue; agency – at least US$10 million in annual revenue; financial institution – at least US$260 million in assets; or (b) enterprise value of at least US$20 million

Initiation fee: $5,000

Annual membership cost: US$3,975 international/$6,000 B.C. chapter

Large group events per year: 1

Small group events per year: 12

B.C. presence outside Metro Vancouver: Members in Victoria, Kelowna and northern B.C.; also a virtual chapter option

Groups across Canada: 20

Global members: 28,000

Owner: Nonprofit

Chief executive: Member-led organization