Jun 23, 2022
The Hazeltons: Your ideal community for a lifestyle business
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine This is the Hazeltons—comprised of two municipalities (the Village of Hazelton and District of New Hazelton), four unincorporated communities (South Hazelton, Two Mile, Kitwanga and the Kispiox Valley), and seven First Nations’ villages (Gitanmaax, Sik-E Dakh...

Jun 21, 2022
Beedie Luminaries is offering $44,000 scholarships to refugees and new immigrants in B.C.
Rushmila Rahman

“People come from various challenging backgrounds so we wanted to identify those students who could excel if they were given the opportunity,” Ryan Beedie, president of Vancouver-based Beedie Luminaries, says of the scholarship foundation’s newest program for refugees and new immigrants.

Jun 21, 2022
Seaweed: The Ocean's Superpower
Jessica Kirby

Kove Ocean Foods is on a mission to improve human health, support coastal communities and heal the Earth, by creating the tastiest, most delicious and nutritious foods made with seaweed. Why Seaweed? Because it’s the Ocean’s superpower! It creates habitat, produces oxygen, captures carbon and improves marine ecosystems as it grows, while holding the powerful properties needed to provide nutritious food and ingredients and produce bio-packaging, natural dyes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biofuels, fertilizers and more. Ocean cultivated seaweed does...

Jun 20, 2022
Carry On: New airlines are filling the skies with competition—and lower prices
Charlene Rooke

As a sure sign that air travel is on the rebound, the skies are becoming more populated with no-frills, ultra-low-cost carriers—and competition means lower prices. Announcing its April YVR arrival with a cheeky commercial starring a fierce feline, Calgary-based Lynx Air...

Jun 17, 2022
Real Estate Investment Guide 2022: COVID-19 upended B.C. real estate-or did it?
Michael McCullough

“We weren’t those people who got into the real estate market early and who’ve managed to benefit from that. We are not those people who played the market, flipping homes,” Adam Bullied says, by way of explaining how he and...

Jun 16, 2022
How can sustainable solutions address investors' concerns?

BCBusiness + Addenda Capital With clients from British Columbia to the Maritimes, Addenda Capital has a prime view of investors’ concerns among which climate change, for many, is now top of mind. According to a recent poll by the Responsible Investment Association, 85% of Canadian investors want companies to establish plans for...

Jun 16, 2022
The six recipients of the BC Reconciliation Award get creative with their messages
Rushmila Rahman

Just in time for National Indigenous History Month, the Office of the Lieutenant Governor and BC Achievement Foundation announced the six recipients of this year’s BC Reconciliation Award, which celebrates reconciliation efforts in the province. A member of the BC Achievement...

Jun 14, 2022
Jack Newton tells all about Clio's journey to becoming a cloud-based centaur
Rushmila Rahman

Exactly how does a business thrive in the face of an industry-wide crisis? If you ask Clio’s CEO and co-founder Jack Newton, it’s the legaltech company’s focus on long-term growth and customer success that earned it centaur status in the face...

Jun 14, 2022
After Hours: Summer 2022 features Hamilton and Cirque du Soleil
Nick Rockel

American Evolution This smash hit has enjoyed a long stay on Broadway, picking up armloads of awards, and now it’s finally our turn for a visit. The touring production of Hamilton: An American Musical, by Lin-Manuel Miranda, takes the stage at...

Jun 13, 2022
Heading into a tough negotiation? A local consultant gives 5 tips to winning big
Rushmila Rahman

Walking into a negotiation is kind of like confessing your love for someone: every word matters. Business consultant Jenna Bayuk, who founded Vancouver-based Kinship Kollective in 2019, spent 15 years helping entrepreneurs across various industries to develop their companies, market their...

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