October 2016

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Sep 28, 2016
Outspoken architect Gregory Henriquez gets political
Jacob Parry

Few individuals have shaped Vancouver in the early 21st century to the extent that Gregory Henriquez has. The 53-year-old architect is the man behind Woodward’s, Telus Garden and the upcoming Oakridge redevelopment—each project transforming neighbourhoods (or promising to transform them) in profound ways. Henriquez joined his father Richard’s firm (then called Henriquez Partner Architects, and prior to 1977, Henriquez and...

Sep 27, 2016
Vancouver real estate has always been expensive—and we have proof
Felicity Stone

Vancouver has a long history of pricey housing, especially since the Second World War, and an equally long history of speculation about causes and potential solutions. In 1949, the Vancouver Housing Association noted, “There is a widespread illusion that with the rise in incomes, home ownership is possible for almost everybody. The facts are that owing to a still greater...

Sep 26, 2016
Little Mountain and the future of social housing in B.C.
Kerry Gold

Ingrid Steenhuisen was an infant when she and her family moved into their 750-square-foot unit at Vancouver’s Little Mountain—also known as “the projects.” But Steenhuisen didn’t think of her home as low-income housing that would, over the decades, earn a reputation as the rundown and ugly-looking complex off Main Street, at 155 East 37th Avenue. Little Mountain—one of Canada’s oldest social...

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