March 2017

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Mar 8, 2017
B.C.'s Most Influential Women 2017 | The Mentors: Judy Brooks
Matt O'Grady

Key to the success of any entrepreneur is the ability to go it alone—to swerve right when everybody swerves left, and to rely on your own smarts, intuition and, often, money to make your dream a reality. For Judy Brooks, a serial entrepreneur used to the idea of being self-sufficient, mentorship was long something of a foreign concept. “I never...

Mar 7, 2017
B.C.'s Most Influential Women 2017 | The Mentors: Bev Briscoe
Marcie Good

About 12 years ago, Tracey McVicar got a phone call from Beverley Anne (Bev) Briscoe. The two knew each other in passing, but McVicar, who had recently set up the Vancouver office of New York-based private equity firm CAI Capital Management Co., was surprised. “She said, ‘I want to know who you are. Can I buy you dinner?’” McVicar recalls.

Mar 3, 2017
Is the MBA a key to entrepreneurial success?
Dee Hon

Fraser Pogue earned his MBA and jumped into risk analysis, but you won’t catch him wearing pinstripes to work. A power suit isn’t exactly proper attire when you’re heli-skiing in powder. Pogue is spending the winter in the B.C. backcountry fine-tuning his company’s product: Snowpak, a hand-held electronic device to assess avalanche hazards by gauging the hardness of snow...

Mar 2, 2017
The Conversation: Scott Sampson returns to Vancouver to take the helm at Science World
Felicity Stone

Born and raised in Vancouver, and with a PhD in zoology from the University of Toronto, Scott Sampson has spent most of his career abroad, working as a paleontologist. At the Natural History Museum of Utah and the University of Utah, he studied Late Cretaceous-era dinosaurs, conducting fieldwork around the world and helping discover more than a dozen new species.

Mar 1, 2017
B.C.'s Most Influential Women 2017 | The Mentors: Gerri Sinclair
Nick Rockel

Gerri Sinclair says there was a clear moment when she decided to become a mentor to other women. In 2001, Sinclair sold NCompass Labs Inc., a Vancouver-based web content management software firm she founded and led, to Microsoft Corp. “I was a CEO with a successful exit, and a woman, so I knew that therefore I had something that would...

Feb 28, 2017
Why B.C. dentists are turning to big business to set up shop
Felicity Stone

If you’re one of B.C.’s 3,400-odd dentists, chances are you run your own business. But several trends, from crushing student debt to the rising price of setting up shop, are paving the way for large corporate dental groups to push into the local market. A generation ago, dentists could open a practice right out of school. With startup costs now sitting...

Feb 27, 2017
Game On: Lunch with Brian Wong, co-founder of online rewards platform Kiip
Lucy Hyslop

Although he says he doesn’t want to play the race card, Brian Wong can’t help rebelling against his conformist Asian upbringing. Vancouver-born-and-bred Brian Wong is one of the youngest Internet entrepreneurs to raise venture capital: US$31.4 million from 2010 to 2016. Yet over sushi in Yaletown’s Minami restaurant, the fast talker abruptly changes the subject from raising money to the...

Feb 22, 2017
Weekend Warrior: British Pacific Properties president Geoff Croll is a mountain man at heart
Felicity Stone

I was born and raised in West Vancouver, and I’ve been playing on the North Shore Mountains all my life—from hiking to skiing to mountain biking and trail running. Snowshoeing’s just another activity on the hillside. My first memories of snowshoeing are of a Scout group 40 years ago going up Hollyburn with these big, wooden, heavy showshoes. Now you...

Feb 22, 2017
Numerology: For many women, working in the tech sector still doesn't compute
Melissa Edwards

56% That’s the mid-career quit rate for women in the lucrative computer technology sector—the highest across the sciences and more than double the rate for men. As March brings the 118th International Women’s Day, female representation has risen in all Canadian STEM careers except computer science, which has seen a 17 per cent decline since 1991. “The tech sector is where...

Feb 21, 2017
These stores have nothing to hide from the customer
Amanda Ross

Listening in on shoppers is all in a day’s work for the team at Dish & Du/er, a recent addition to Vancouver’s athleisure line-up. In its hipster Gastown perch, the local brand doubles down on tech-forward fabrics (think pants that look like jeans but act like no-smell, no-sweat stretchy workout gear), but its out-of-the-box thinking also extends to what’s going...

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