April 2017

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Apr 26, 2017
Christy Clark and rivals field a few pre-election questions
Nick Rockel

CRED: First elected MLA in 1996; former cabinet minister, deputy premier and radio talk-show host SIGNATURE LOOK: Suit and wrap CAMPAIGN PROP: Hard hat CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Laura Miller, Previously Ontario Liberal staffer STAR CANDIDATE: Ex–TV news anchor Steve Darling (Burnaby–Lougheed) 1) Maintaining the best job creation record in the country; 2) continuing to work with other levels of government to make sure home ownership is...

Apr 25, 2017
Numerology: BC Ferries' new skipper can expect rough seas ahead
Melissa Edwards

That’s how many passengers used BC Ferries in fiscal 2016—a 4.9 per cent gain from the previous year but still fewer than in 2006. Coastal communities blame steep fare increases over the past decade for the reduced traffic. As former British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. president and CEO Mike Corrigan sails off to a new job as head of global...

Apr 25, 2017
Lunch with Faye Wightman, executive director of the Canadian Cancer Society
Lucy Hyslop

At the end of our lunch, Faye Wightman opens up—for the first time in public—about the painful past at the heart of her 35-year career in philanthropy. Earlier the executive director of the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) in Vancouver and former CEO of BC Children’s Hospital had mentioned that she joined the not-for-profit world as a 32-year-old, following the suicide...

Apr 24, 2017
Shortchanged junior hockey players look to even the score
Steve Burgess

“Someone hit the big score / They figured it out,” goes the Gillian Welch song “Everything Is Free.” “That we’re gonna do it anyway / Even if it doesn’t pay.”Welch is referring to musicians and the curse of free downloads and streaming. But in Canada, she might as well be singing about young hockey players. Hockey, like music, doesn’t really...

Apr 19, 2017
Jacques Villeneuve helps drive racing club Area 27
Felicity Stone

Thirty years ago Jacques Villeneuve and Bill Drossos were teenagers training at the Spenard-David Racing School in Ontario. Villeneuve became a professional racecar driver like his father, Gilles, while Drossos returned to his native Penticton in 1992, but the two remained friends. Now they’re partners in Area 27, a new motorsports country club in the South Okanagan. Area 27 is...

Apr 1, 2017
The Business Case for Relocating to Surrey

For the past three years, the Real Estate Investment Network has named Surrey the best place in British Columbia to invest. In your opinion, what’s driving this demand?There’s an enormous influx of people heading east right now. The city of Surrey welcomes roughly 1,000 new residents each month. The biggest single factor is the availability of land in Surrey compared...

Apr 1, 2017
Surrey Board of Trade: Transportation & Logistics

When it comes to transportation, Surrey can truly be called well-connected, boasting ample distribution channels via rail, highway, border crossings and the second- largest shipping port in North America; plus, it’s a quick drive from the Vancouver International Airport and Abbotsford International Airport.Fraser Surrey Docks, a multi-purpose marine terminal, is the largest facility of its kind on the West Coast...

Apr 1, 2017
Surrey Board of Trade: Industry Sectors

In Surrey, quality is as important as quantity when it comes to expanding its business landscape; so while the volume of its business portfolio is massive, industry diversity informs Surrey’s economy.This is why today Surrey is respected as much for its high-tech sectors as its agricultural industries, and is as famous for its clean energy and advanced manufacturing as its...

Apr 1, 2017
Why Choose Surrey for Your Business?
Kirsty Senior

Surrey is a business hub as well as a great place to live. Whether it’s the urban environment, new City Centre or cultural ambiance, the city is attracting businesses and families alike. The vibrant communities located within Surrey’s 316.4 square kilometres are:Campbell Heights: Campbell Heights Business Park covers a total of 1,900 acres. Surrey expects significant job growth in this...

Apr 1, 2017
Surrey Relocation Guide: Doing Business in Surrey

Surrey is known for being one thing: a powerful, progressive economic engine of Metro Vancouver in which to do business and invest. It could be the largest city in British Columbia in the next 20 years. Surrey’s population, which currently sits at almost 520,000, is projected to increase by an additional 250,000 people in the next 30 years. By 2041, one...

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