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June 2017

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Jun 27, 2017
Money on the Table

BCBusiness + Ayming Many companies rely on bank loans, tax credits and private investment dollars to fund their growth and development. But these aren’t the only options available to you—the government is offering substantial funding in the form of grants. BCBusiness caught up with Laslo Cesar, director of finance & innovation at Ayming, to discuss how businesses can successfully plan for...

Jun 27, 2017
How 4 B.C. companies took their products international—and how another plans to follow in their footsteps
Nick Rockel

Specialty: Concrete waterproofing products whose proprietary chemical technology creates crystals that grow into the materialFounded: 1973Exporting since: 1975Proportion of total sales from exports: More than 90 per centThe story so far: Ron Yuers, Kryton’s founder and chair, signed his first international distributors in 1975, in Australia and Mexico. To fulfill his global ambitions, he would buy a one-way plane ticket...

Jun 26, 2017
#TradeTalks: These teenage B.C. entrepreneurs want to turn their business ideas into global exports
Nick Rockel

Georgiy Sekretaryuk works in the jewelry business, but not in the way you might think. The 18-year-old Coquitlam resident, who speaks Russian and Mandarin in addition to English and his native Ukrainian, also has Asian markets in his sights. Sekretaryuk is co-founder of Cering, a wearable-technology startup that seeks to make women’s lives safer by letting them discreetly signal for...

Jun 22, 2017
Mike Harcourt tries medical marijuana
Jacob Parry

When True Leaf Medicine Inc. applied for a licence to grow medical marijuana at its Okanagan facility, CEO Darcy Bomford checked all the boxes. He compiled a 1,500-page brief and brought on former premier Mike Harcourt, a criminal defence lawyer, as chairman. Bomford was on the eve of winning municipal approval when he filed the application—48th in line nationwide. Health...

Jun 21, 2017
Darryl Bosa looks to make his mark with a new coworking venture
Lucy Hyslop

There’s nothing like a bit of familial rivalry to fuel entrepreneurial ambitions. Freighted with growing up in a renowned B.C. real estate development family, Darryl Bosa admits taking off “to learn and make my own mistakes” overseas for nearly a decade before returning home to create a new coworking business. “I still try to outdo my brothers,” the founder of Cmpny...

Jun 18, 2017
Q&A: Vancouver planning boss Gil Kelley
Felicity Stone

Born in San Francisco and raised in Portland, self-described urbanist and west coaster Gil Kelley became Vancouver’s new general manager of planning, urban design and sustainability in September. Kelley was previously director of planning and development for Berkeley, California; director of planning for Portland; and most recently, director of citywide planning for San Francisco, which, he says, has a worse...

Jun 16, 2017
How the real estate boom has left British Columbians feeling richer and poorer than they really are
Frances Bula

Rachel Harriman and her husband have seven times their annual household income—which is in the healthy $100,000-plus bracket—socked away, thanks to the sale of a condo several years ago along with savings from their earnings. Justin Jacobsen, who makes a “comfortable six-figure salary” as an investment analyst, and his wife have also banked a huge wad of money. Nels Anderson...

Jun 15, 2017
True to its Gold Rush roots, Sacramento keeps drawing prospectors
Lucy Hyslop

On this warm Saturday night in Sacramento, it feels like the Gold Rush never ended. Not only is it the weekend after payday for state workers (our Uber driver says he always sees a significant uptick on these evenings), but there’s a much-touted new player in this government town: the Sacramento Kings’ US$560-million Golden 1 Center. Christened by former Beatle...

Jun 9, 2017
People are the weak link when it comes to cybersecurity
Melissa Edwards

Fifty-two per cent of B.C. businesses in a recent Ipsos/MNP LLP survey said that hackers accessed or may have accessed their confidential information in the past year. As the June 12-15 Ignite conference brings 4,000 cybersecurity professionals to the Vancouver Convention Centre to talk the latest in high-tech prevention, businesses of every size and sector are grappling with the human side...

Jun 2, 2017
Driving B.C. forward presented by Dueck GM: Phil Heard

What’s your favourite car?A Chevrolet Corvette. I had wanted a Corvette since I was a boy. I got my first one as a company car when I was GM at the Molson Indy. Why do you choose Dueck as your preferred dealership?They treat you like a VIP. I took my first Corvette there because they sold the most Corvettes, plus...

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