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July/Aug 2017

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Jul 25, 2017
DIY Management: How to manage an underperforming employee
Felicity Stone

1. Identify the cause “The factors could be related to their coworkers, their supervisor, a lack of training or something in their personal life,” van Jaarsveld says. Being underchallenged or overworked can affect performance. “You have a reliable employee, you give them more and more work, and other employees aren’t being given as much work, and they feel put upon...

Jul 24, 2017
Have energy companies made secret deals with B.C. First Nations leaders?
Trevor Jang

In February 2015, when Andrew Genaille walked into his local coffee shop in Chilliwack, he didn’t expect to see two men from Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd. They were waiting to meet the elected chief and council of his First Nation. Until then, Genaille thought his leaders opposed the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, whose proposed oil pipeline route runs through their...

Jul 21, 2017
A conversation with SFU director of entrepreneurship Sarah Lubik
Marcie Good

As an undergrad business student at SFU in 2006, Sarah Lubik landed a co-op job in which she interviewed founders of new technology companies in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. on the challenges they faced as they tried to take their products to market. Since then she has tackled that question over and over, first in her research for...

Jul 20, 2017
B.C. kelp farming is untapped resource
Brad Badelt

Louis Druehl started farming kelp back in 1982, in the aptly named Kelp Bay, just west of Port Alberni. His was the first and, at the time, only commercial seaweed operation in North America. Druehl farmed a one-acre patch of ocean, using ropes seeded with kelp, and sold his produce to a handful of health food stores keen on the...

Jul 19, 2017
Poll: How much do you plan to spend on your summer vacation?

In April, Mustel Group conducted a poll for BCBusiness, asking 228 B.C. residents: How much do you plan to spend on your summer vacation? It’s not surprising that younger people were more likely to spend less, not only because of income but also due to time constraints, says principal Evi Mustel. “It’s dictated by the work schedules, and that correlates...

Jul 15, 2017
Change the Workspace, Change the Work

Miller Thomson faced a tremendous challenge: the law firm needed to vacate its existing space—a 30-year-old interior design over three floors that “functioned like a law office from the ’80s”—in eight months exactly, says managing partner Mike Walker. Its destination was a whole acre (50,000 square feet) on the fourth floor of a downtown Vancouver department store. The firm wanted...

Jul 14, 2017
"Go West, Young Man"

BCBusiness + Willson International Why did Willson International expand to British Columbia? Entering the Vancouver market in July of 2015 represented continuation of the vision of our founder, William Willson. His vision was to provide excellent service to a growing international trade market. Vancouver is an important gateway for trade in both the Pacific Rim and the United States. Today...

Jul 13, 2017
Trade Up

The rising demand for skilled tradespeople is unprecedented in B.C.’s history. One hundred and twenty-three thousand job openings are expected in the trades industry by 2025, and with 79% of them being a direct result of retirement, employers need to fill that generation of experienced trades people with a crop of skilled workers, says Gary Herman, CEO of Industry Training...

Jul 12, 2017
The Emergence of Row Homes: What You Need to Know

BCBusiness + McQuarrie Row homes are an attractive option for savvy homeowners looking for value and avoiding a strata As a real estate and land-development lawyer, Greg van Popta has noticed developers favouring row homes over townhomes. Row homes are essentially townhomes with more individual character (think popsicle-hued houses lined up shoulder-to-shoulder as is popular in New Brunswick), due to the lack...

Jul 10, 2017
Cindy David Financial

For more than two decades, Cindy David has proven herself to be a well-respected, sought-after financial planner. A self-professed numbers girl, David started in the industry while in her early twenties. It wasn’t long before she was named one of the top estate planners in the country—the youngest person ever to achieve this prestigious distinction. In 2001, after working at various...

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