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Feb 7, 2018
Cargo and Logistics: Shipping Solutions
By BCBusiness

Competition in the commercial and industrial transportation realm in Canada is more fierce than ever thanks to technology that allows newcomers to the brokerage business to have access to a vast network of shippers and, of course, a growing number of clients demanding fast delivery with comprehensive and transparent tracking. Only one thing is certain in this tumultuous environment: carriers and...

Jan 2, 2018
High housing prices have Vancouverites mulling exit
Melissa Edwards

Once next year’s 4 per cent allowable rent hike takes effect in B.C. (and renovictions and lease renewals push average rents even higher), help-wanted signs will grow dustier as street-level businesses chase the increasingly rare soul who can afford to live on a cook’s wages. “Vancouver is a different beast,” says Josh Gordon, an assistant professor at SFU’s School of...

Dec 20, 2017
Office Space: Custom suitmaker Indochino finds new digs tailor-made for its needs
Felicity Stone

Dean Handspiker, VP design for Indochino, is used to quick moves. When the Vancouver-based online custom menswear retailer opens a retail showroom—18 to date, eight in 2017 alone—the design team usually takes possession of the space on a Monday and the store opens on a Thursday. So when the company relocated its headquarters from Railtown to the corner of Robson...

Dec 20, 2017
Weekend Warrior: Winery owner Ian MacDonald brings his art collection to work
as told to Felicity Stone

About 35 years ago, I had been the marketing manager for Salomon, the ski binding and ski boots company. I went to an organization known as Montreal Creative Centre, in its day the cutting edge for creative and design work for advertising in Canada, and said, “I’d like to work for you guys and learn about creative conceptual work and...

Dec 20, 2017
How not to get shot by an ex-employee—and how Paul Dragan survived
Steve Burgess

It is Tuesday morning, June 10, 2014. At the False Creek end of Vancouver’s Davie Street, grocery shoppers come and go at Urban Fare, and a woman pushes a baby carriage up the street toward Pacific Boulevard. A thick-set man with a grey beard, wearing a bike helmet and a large yellow backpack, comes around the corner from Marinaside Crescent...

Dec 20, 2017
Many Happy Returns: How B.C.’s Big Box Outlet Store keeps other retailers’ unwanted merchandise out of the landfill
Felicity Stone

For most retailers, sales peak in November and December, accounting for 20 per cent or more of annual revenue, according to the U.S.-based National Retail Federation. But for B.C.’s Big Box Outlet Store, Christmas arrives later. “The volume in January and February goes up by 50 per cent,” notes co-founder and president Mark Funk. “It’s the busiest two months of...

Dec 20, 2017
Travel: Luxurious Fogo Island Inn is worth a trip to Newfoundland
Charlene Rooke

You may blink when you glimpse the from the gravel service road: a pale slab floating like a rogue iceberg on a stark chunk of rock about 16 kilometres off the northeast coast of Newfoundland. Open the inn’s massive red-knobbed front doors and the interior—and the welcome to come-from-aways—is ridiculously warm. There’s a riot of colours on nubby textiles, a...

Dec 19, 2017
Best Cities for Work in B.C. 2018: Local oil and gas bonanza pushes Dawson Creek to full capacity
Nick Rockel

From 2,000 feet above the city of Dawson Creek, snow-dusted Peace Country shows off its riches in the afternoon sun. The rolling landscape is a patchwork of fields and forests, criss-crossed with finished and unfinished pipelines. Scattered in all directions: huge natural gas processing and compression plants, oil and gas wells large and small, and drilling rigs, many sitting on...

Dec 19, 2017
Reading List December 2017
BCBusiness staff

THE STARTUP WAY: How Modern Companies Use Entrepreneurial Management to Transform Culture and Drive Long-term GrowthEric Ries, author of the New York Times bestseller The Lean Startup, which introduced the term “pivot” to the business lexicon, has pivoted himself. Now Ries looks at how established enterprises from General Electric and Toyota Motor Corp. to Inc. and Facebook Inc. can...

Dec 18, 2017
Best Cities for Work in B.C. 2018
Nick Rockel

What are British Columbia’s top places to build a career? Start by following the money, but that isn’t the whole story. In our fourth annual Best Cities for Work in B.C. ranking, compiled with research partner Environics Analytics, we measure a city’s attractiveness as a place to work by putting a two-thirds weighting on how much residents earn and where...

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