February 2018

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Feb 7, 2018
New and Improved: The latest developments in the world of lifestyle, from restaurants to retail (and more!)
Felicity Stone

Shop/ Residents of Kamloops, Kelowna, Prince George and Vernon can now order groceries from Save-On-Foods online and choose where and when to pick them up. Personal shoppers assemble the order and load the groceries into the customer’s car at designated online shopping pickup parking stalls. Experience/ Vancouver has two more experiential retail spaces. Toronto-based Roots Ltd.’s 3,900-square-foot Roots Cabin concept store...

Feb 6, 2018
Second annual Pitch for the Purse competition enters final round
Nathan Caddell

Valerie Song enters an upstairs room at the Vancouver Club and eyes a pitcher of water. Filling a glass, she takes a massive swig. “I needed that,” Song gasps between gulps. “I’m also feeling…hungry.”No wonder. Less than an hour ago on this November morning, Song and nine other female entrepreneurs were down in the club’s Grand Ballroom for the Pitch...

Feb 5, 2018
Poll: What do you think of B.C.’s new distracted driving penalties?

Distracted driving plays a role in more than one quarter of all car crash deaths in B.C., according to Insurance Corp. of British Columbia. On March 1, a driver with two distracted driving tickets in a three-year period will get dinged as much as $2,000—a jump of $740 over current penalties and on top of their regular insurance premium. The...

Feb 1, 2018
Why Vancouver deserved a better shot at hosting Amazon’s HQ2
Steve Burgess

During the Renaissance, most of what is now the Italian peninsula was divided into city states. They fought wars, sometimes against foreign powers, sometimes against each other. When the skirmish was over and one city had triumphed, it would claim the spoils of victory. Of course this was hundreds of years ago, and things were different—back then victory was not...

Jan 31, 2018
Get Out of the Lecture Hall to Gain Experiential Learning

BCBusiness + SFU Beedie School of Business Peter Tingling, associate dean of undergraduate programs for the Beedie School of Business, is unapologetically proud of his institution’s success in helping raw talent mature into confident professionals. “We do several things very well, and one that is key is something I describe as the difference between watching a movie passively and acting in...

Jan 31, 2018
A Headstart for Startups

BCBusiness + UBC HATCH Global startups all start with a great idea. While there’s no shortage of smart, high-tech concepts or bright minds out there, so many potentially life-changing solutions never make it to market because the people behind them don’t have the right support. Enter HATCH, UBC’s tech incubator. Launched in 2016, it provides entrepreneurs the space, time, training, expertise...

Jan 31, 2018
The Power of Pets

BCBusiness + GoFetch.ca Among the first things you notice when entering GoFetch.ca’s 10th-floor office overlooking Vancouver’s West Georgia Street are the dog toys on the floor.The next thing that catches your attention is the enthusiastic greeting from Maple, the effervescent resident corgi. While employees build Canada’s largest pet-care brand, Maple goes out of her way to make sure a visitor feels...

Jan 31, 2018
A Purpose-driven Entrepreneur

Growing up in a small village near Chandigarh, India, Perminder Chohan recalls he always desired a better life for himself as well as his family. With his dad being a teacher, money was tight and barely enough to send Chohan and his two brothers to university.As fate would have it, in 1990 Perminder made his way to Canada, filled with...

Jan 31, 2018
CapriCMW: Size Matters

There has been a major shakeup in the insurance marketplace in Western Canada. Two of the largest regional brokers have made a strategic decision to join forces.Now known collectively as CapriCMW, Capri Insurance, with 12 offices throughout British Columbia, has merged with CMW Insurance of Burnaby. In the insurance brokerage business, size matters. Together, CapriCMW now have the ability to...

Jan 30, 2018
Connecting B.C. Producers with the World

Sachiel Connect is a company you are going to want to know about. It’s one of those startups that the avant-garde of business and tech are raving about, but the general public is not yet fully in on the secret. Launched in 2016, Sachiel Connect is an information services platform engaging the very cutting edge of technology development in order...

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