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July/August 2018

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Jul 27, 2018
The BCBusiness 2018 Tourism Status Report
Nick Rockel

Whether it’s your first visit or your 15th summer staycation, B.C. is one of the world’s best places to be a tourist. But what is the tourism industry? For Walt Judas, it comes back to the guy in Sicamous who fuels houseboats. “He’s in the tourism industry but operates a gas station,” says the CEO of the Tourism Industry Association...

Jul 26, 2018
Weekend Warrior: Security expert Mike Weston sets sail
Nathan Caddell

Mike Weston found his sea legs not long after he started school. The 73-year-old owner of Victoria-based Cube Global Storage first navigated the water at age six, on his parents’ yacht. Soon he was building rafts and rowing out to Discovery Island from his childhood home in Victoria’s Uplands neighbourhood. In those days, Weston recalls, the difference between a house...

Jul 25, 2018
On Trend: B.C. organizations are taking sustainability to heart
Felicity Stone

One person’s trash is another person’s—art piece? Vernon muralist Michelle Loughery got 500 community members to create public art using fishing buoys salvaged by the Vancouver-based Ocean Legacy Foundation. Parts of ArtRoute Blue Buoys are on display at the Greater Vernon Museum and Archives and Caetani Cultural Centre. Plastic debris from the sea inspired Vancouver author and artist Douglas Coupland’s Vortex...

Jul 24, 2018
Entry Level: A day in the life of fitness guru Ilan Cumberbirch
Nathan Caddell

Like many good Canadian kids, Ilan Cumberbirch dreamed of playing in the NHL. The Vancouver native got closer than most but realized that his season with the Limburg Eaters in the Netherlands’ top league would be the end of the line. After coming back home a few years ago, the UBC kinesiology grad bought into his former downtown training facility...

Jul 23, 2018
Five Questions with Club Penguin co-founder Lane Merrifield
Nathan Caddell

1. What kind of persona will you bring to Dragons’ Den?It sounds a bit cliché, but the producers said, “Listen, we asked you to be on the show because we’ve spent enough time getting to know you and watching you and seeing the way you operate, so just be yourself.” And that’s what I’ve been. There’s times where I’ll be...

Jul 20, 2018
Is B.C.’s building frenzy putting the property market on a boom-bust trajectory?
Steve Saretsky

Is this a case of be careful what you wish for? As a historic housing boom gripped B.C., where the average sale price has doubled since taking a minor dip in 2008, real estate developers preaching the virtues of more supply urged municipalities to cut red tape and allow widespread densification. The wait is over: after years of moaning and...

Jul 19, 2018
B.C-made cocktails in a can
Felicity Stone & Aleena Deandra

BARE ESSENTIALJust 100 calories, Nude Vodka Soda, based in Vancouver’s Olympic Village, combines triple-distilled vodka, sparkling water and natural fruit flavours: strawberry kiwi, cucumber mint, classic lime or peach CLASSIC TWISTStarting with its Queensborough dry gin, Surrey’s Central City Brewers + Distillers offers two carbonated, naturally flavoured options: Twst in lime, cucumber and mint; blood orange and elderflower; and orange peel...

Jul 13, 2018
Top 100 2018: Winners & Losers
Nathan Caddell

Revenue Change: 53.5%Net Income: NANet Income Change: NA Last year Paladin became the nation’s largest private security firm. The Top 100 newcomer got there by acquiring two of its biggest competitors, Ottawa-based Marcomm Systems Group Inc. and Edmonton’s Contava Inc., in February before buying fellow Burnaby player Concord Security Corp. a month later. Concord had been one of Paladin’s main rivals...

Jun 29, 2018
Top 100 2018: 1 to 50
Peter Mitham

You’ll see plenty of familiar names in our our 29th annual ranking of B.C.’s largest companies by revenue. But heavy hitters are just part of the province’s economic success story 2016 rank: 1Chief Executive: Darren Entwistle Revenue by fiscal year ($000) 2017: 13,304,000 2016: 12,799,000 % change: 3.9 2016 rank: 3Chief Executive: Donald Lindsay Revenue by fiscal year ($000) 2017: 12,048,000 2016:...

Jun 29, 2018
Top 100 2018: 51 to 100
Peter Mitham

You’ll see plenty of familiar names in our our 29th annual ranking of B.C.’s largest companies by revenue. But heavy hitters are just part of the province’s economic success story 2016 rank: 53Chief Executive: Fiona DaltonRevenue by fiscal year ($000) 2017: 915,7742016: 888,853% change: 3.0 2016 rank: 56Chief Executive: Jason CohenourRevenue by fiscal year ($000) 2017: 898,731 c2016: 815,556 c% change: 10.2 2016 rank: 54Chief Executive: Mark CollinsRevenue by...

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