Contents | Sept. 2009

Natural Wonders: The Art of West Coast Design
by Steven Schelling
Meet the designers who are shaping B.C.'s distinct West Coast chic in this year's style guide.

Fashion Package:  The 2009 BCBusiness Style Guide

Poll: Vote: B.C.'s Most Stylish Businessperson
Poll: Vote: B.C.'s Most Stylish Politician
Slideshow: Vancouver Style, Neighbourhood by Neighbourhood

The Ultimate Bulls/Bears Real Estate Guide
by Jim Sutherland
Forget the "experts"; the best housing advice lives online.

A Fine Balance
by Steve Burgess
Anne Giardini – just another struggling writer-slash-forestry company president trying to get by.

Round Table: Grey Matters
by BCBusiness
B.C.'s aging baby boom population is a looming threat to our economy, labour force and health system – or is it?

The Producer
by David Jordan
Kirk Shaw built B.C.'s biggest independent film studio - and watched it collapse. But he's not done making movies just yet.

by Anicka Quin
In tough times, it's easy to axe a trip to the spa. What B.C.'s struggling spa owners are doing to win that business back.

Brief: Turns out you can buy happiness, just not very much of it

Brief: A small business hits back in the viciously competitive waste sector

Brief: The Tidal (Air)waves of Shore 104

Expat: Roy Brooke in Rwanda

Odd Job: Meet greeting-card maker Audra Ricketts – and her foul-mouthed bunnies

Done Deal: Health Player

Inquiring Minds: Improving Yourself This Fall

Need to Know: Nurturing a Star Employee

Crossroads: Stephen Frasher, President of Western Forest Products

Game Plan: Cashing in on Upheaval
by Tony Wanless

Real Life: Lowering the Boom
by Bob Rennie

Big Ideas: The Cyclical Blues
by Tom Bradley

Tech Talk: This Year's Model
by Brent Holliday

Complaints Department: All Aboard the New Canada Line
by Steve Burgess

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