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Entrepreneur of the Year 2010

Opportunities found, risks taken, treasures won – this is what it's all about. The 17th annual Entrepreneur of the Year awards celebrate the cunning, perseverance and good fortune of B.C.'s most impressive business leaders.


House of Cards

The B.C. government is betting big on growing gambling revenue, wagering that a new downtown casino can attract big spenders from overseas.
By Nick Rockel

Follow Me

Forget the airport-hotel seminars of old; leadership training is now a world of ninja consultants and pseudo-gurus.
By Andrew Findlay

The New Partner

Corporations are coming to the classroom in a bid to keep B.C's great ideas from languishing in academia.
By Andrew Findlay

Den of Inequity

As enterprising social-service groups go capitalist, the line blurs between for- and not-for-profits.
By Charles Campbell

Profile: The Pubster

Jeff Donnelly hit on a way to turn a rundown bar into a money-making business. Then he did it again and again and again.
By David Jordan

Technology: Privacy for Sale

B.C.'s slew of social-media businesses are running up against the conflict of profits versus privacy in online products.
By Petti Fong


Brief:The Cost of Justice: The moral and economic reasons B.C. lawyers want to save legal aid

Brief:Defragging Killer Betty: Vancouver entrepreneurs target underserved women gamers

Brief:Sunken Treasure: How underwater Panamanian trees made it to B.C. by the container-load

Expat:Just Enough: Becky Newton follows a sweet Swede to Malmo

Inquiring Minds:What was the scariest moment of your career?

Need to Know:How to build a strong application package

Crossroads:William Amelio: Going from Chinese PC-maker to CHC Helicopter

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