Contents | September 2014


A Brand New Ball Game

From curve balls to change-ups, the sport of running a small business is full of daily surprises. We look at some of the unexpected hurdles faced by B.C. entrepreneurs, and how they overcame those challenges to conquer the marketplace.
by Steve Burgess


A Calculated Move

Western Canada's leading research institution has turned to an acclaimed mathematician to lead it into the next phase of its evolution. The surprising rise of UBC's "presumptuous" new president, Arvind Gupta.
by Richard Littlemore

The Tipping Point

The North American restaurant industry is stuck with an outdated business model, where customers control how and where a restaurateur's revenues are distributed. One Parksville businessman hopes to change that.
by Anicka Quin


TRAININGA Blueprint for Education

The provincial government is "re-engineering" its education system, allocating more resources to programs and institutions that deliver "in-demand" jobs for graduates. A look at the winners and the losers
by Jacob Parry

TOURISMDarren Huston

Darren Huston, the Hope, B.C.-born CEO of Priceline Group, explains how his company (which includes,, and a host of other sides) hopes to steal a page from his ex-employer Microsoft.
by Shannon Melnyk


A new trade deal with South Korea means good news for one automative import dock in Richmond.
by Jacob Parry

RETAILOur E-Comm Conundrum

Why Canada lags behind the rest of the developed world in online retail sales, and why it matters.
by Kristen Hilderman


FINANCE From investments to tax strategies to succession planning: a few of the other things to worry about as a small business owner.

VISUAL LEARNING How to dress for success without even trying (Tip #2: Copy, then one-up, your fashion-savvy boss).

ASIA Mastering the art of the personal when doing business in the Philippines.

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