Contents | November 2014


Politics for Sale

This month's civic elections, including Vancouver's hotly contested mayoral race, have put the spotlight on how we choose our leaders. Forget the issues or weighing the bona fides of each candidate: voters increasingly take their cues from the world of marketing before casting their ballot.
by Frances Bula


The Gift of Time

Volunteering is always a worthwhile endeavour, but for those interested in leadership development, it's one of the most important tools in the tool kit. A look at the Dos and Don'ts of corporate volunteer programs.
by Paul Wilcocks

The Resurrection of Bill Bennett

Once shunned by his cabinet colleagues, Bill Bennett is now on of the stars of the Christy Clark government. An intimate portrait of a complicated man.
by Matt O'Grady


TRADEA Hub of Activity

Prime Minister Stephen Harper meets with Chinese president Xi Jinping in Beijing on Nov. 110 to discuss, among other things, establishing a Renminbi trading hub in Canada, with Vancouver being the likely city. But how much difference would such a facility make for bilateral trade?
by Jacob Parry


Ravi Saligram, after senior management jobs with multinational corporations around the world, has landed at auctioneer giant Ritchie Bros. He claims this stop at the Burnaby-based company will be his last.
by Brenda Bouw

RETAILWhat's in Store

Things are heating up in the Vancouver retail scene, and we've got the map to prove it.
by Kristen Hilderman


Cheese or fake chees? Daiya Foods of East Vancouver makes the business case for a dairy-, gluten- and soy-free cheese-like substance
by Jacob Parry


PUBLIC RELATIONS Whether it's see-through pants or oil slicks, every company needs a detailed plan to prepare for the worst.

VISUAL LEARNING How to work through your pregnancy (Tip No. 1: Pilfer a few airline sickness bags from your next flight. You never know when you'll need them).

ASIA Doing Business in Vietnam.

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