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Empower your sales team to land their next client using LinkedIn

Gain an edge on your competition in 2018.

Linked Into Leads is a Vancouver-based training and lead-generation company that finds, qualifies and connects clients with pre-screened buyers so they can focus on closing deals and increasing revenues for their business.  

Trevor Turnbull, CEO of Linked Into Leads & Founder of the 30 Day Sales Machine and LinkedIn Accelerator Program, explains the value of investing in LinkedIn training and lead generation services to empower your sales team to close more business in 2018.LIL Phone screen

What are some of the challenges facing sales professionals today?
In the past, some of the tried-and-true ways of prospecting for new business included live event networking and cold calling. Sending your sales team to industry conferences is expensive, however, and it is difficult to measure ROI. And, it is getting harder to reach decision-makers via cold calling considering the fact that 90% of them never answer those cold calls.

In many cases, there are multiple decision-makers involved in a purchase decision and deals can take weeks (if not months) to close. And in today’s digital world, it is critical that your sales team finds new ways to stay top of mind for when your prospects are ready to buy. After all, those buyers are doing their own research and are more than halfway through their decision-making process before they ever reach out to a salesperson. The chance of closing on a deal drops by 50 per cent if you’re not the first vendor to connect with a prospect.

Why should sales professionals be investing time in LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is a massive network of more than 500 million professionals that can be searched and is constantly updated by its user base. When used properly, it provides your sales team a powerful tool to find prospects and reach out to them in a respectful manner.

With Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, and the even more recent integration of the Office 365 suite with LinkedIn, the opportunity to find, connect and build relationships with hard-to-reach decision-makers will continue to grow over the coming years.

How can sales professionals leverage LinkedIn to get new clients?
First, your LinkedIn Profile can and should be set up as an “online tradeshow booth” demonstrating who you help, how you help them, why they should trust you and how they can find out more information on what you have to offer.

Second, LinkedIn’s Advanced Search filters allow your sales team to pinpoint exact demographics of your target audience by title, industry, location, company size and much more. Once you have identified your prospect list, the platform facilitates permission-based outreach, which is very much appreciated by prospects in a time of mass emails and cold prospecting.

Combining a properly optimized LinkedIn profile with a well planned prospect outreach strategy allows your sales team to get in front of the right prospects with the right message so they will consider your product/service as a solution to their business challenges ahead of your competition.

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