Credit: Courtesy of Marina Fierz Artistry
Marina Fierz is the owner of and creator behind Victoria-based Marina Fierz Artistry, of which polymer clay earring maker Delicate Bones is a daughter brand

Get out and seize the clay with work from these B.C. artisans

Made with many of the same tools you’d use to bake cookies (yep, these things go in the oven), polymer clay earrings are fairly easy and cheap to create, and they look pretty good, too. (Of course, the adornments have also starred in many TikTok and Instagram posts where influencers show how simple the task is.) So it’s no surprise that B.C. producers, from Etsy startups to established jewellers, are cooking up their own.

Interior Design

Kelowna’s Funktional sells sizable polymer earrings that it calls “super lightweight and comfortable.” Also in the Okanagan is Baylis Clay Co., which started this year and has already built a loyal following for its thoughtful and personal touch.

Island Life

Across the province in Nanaimo, boutique Isla Collective markets its polymer rings as “flirty and fun,” with an art deco vibe. Another Island outfit, Victoria’s Delicate Bones Studio, has won national attention for its custom orders.

Etsy or Bust

A handful of B.C. jewellers are making names for themselves on Etsy with their polymer earrings. They include Port Coquitlam’s Ethiclay and its translucent offerings; Vancouver-based Kaju Creations with its small-batch, minimalist work; and Victoria’s Coastal Trend Co., which makes earrings specifically for summer.