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A bevy of B.C. producers are staking their reputations on plant-based meat alternatives

A&W Canada is largely responsible for bringing the Beyond Meat trend to the nation’s fast-food consumers. But the root beer maven isn’t alone–a bevy of B.C. producers in particular are staking their reputations on plant-based meat alternatives.

Public Patties

In late June, Victoria’s Very Good Food Co. (CSE:VERY) became the first company to go public after raising money with Vancouver-headquartered crowdsourcing investment outfit FrontFundr (see p.32). The business uses a variety of beans and vegetables to create its offerings, which include burgers, steaks, bacon and ribs.

Vancouver-based Modern Meat (CSE: MEAT), which churns out plant-based products like ground beef nachos and Philly cheese steaks from former Top Chef Canada contestant Kayla Dhaliwall, IPO’d about a week later. By early October, both had seen days with more than a million trades.

Vegan in Vancouver

Tmrw Foods sells its non-GMO, soy-free burgers and minces—“thoughtfully made from grains, beans and seeds,” according to the company—throughout the province, at places like Whole Foods Market, Choices and Nesters.

Another Vancouver-based company, Coastie Craft Burgers, offers jars of ground “meat” through same-day delivery (free with an order of $24 or more) to most of the city. The mixes come in varieties like Garbanzo Grind (an almond and falafel combo) and Velo City Veg (split pea, walnut and roasted beet).