3 Civic Plaza

One of Surrey’s newest developments, 3 Civic Plaza is a premium hotel and 52-storey residential tower

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Surrey can accurately be viewed as a place where innovation abounds, thanks to collaboration across a wide range of constituencies, including corporate leaders, start-up entrepreneurs, university leaders, faculty members, students, investors and public officials.

Over the years, Surrey has become recognized as a breeding ground in which academic research is developed into commercial reality, and where business processes are constantly refined—as proven by companies such as FortisBC, Cannatronix Innovations Inc., Green Earth Biofuels and Micromatter Technologies (all past nominees for the Surrey Board of Trade’s Innovation Awards).

“It is Surrey’s innovative companies that will meet the challenges of the new economy, expanding opportunity in this great city and improving lives around the globe,” says Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

Education – Research & Development – Human Capital

KPU Tech houses the Faculty of Trades and Technology, which trains apprentices in related trades such as building maintenance, industrial engines and equipment parts, industrial warehousing, millwrighting, welding, carpentry and electrical.

But innovation and entrepreneurship alone don’t guarantee a thriving business climate: new talent is also a fundamental ingredient. One third of Surrey’s residents are under the age of 19, and higher learning institutions like Simon Fraser University’s Surrey City Centre campus have evolved to ensure that they are well-prepared to seize the opportunities arising from future growth (part of the education process involves students honing their skills in partnership with companies such as Ballard Power).

Also, the Canadian Universities website lists 27 career colleges and trade schools located within the city, offering courses in everything from business administration and web design to horticulture and healthcare.

As the fastest growing city in Canada with the largest industrial land base in the region, Surrey is regarded by companies from all points of the compass as their choice in which to do business. But that’s only part of the Surrey success story.


Just as companies are drawn to Surrey for its good tax rates, infrastructure and other incentives, the people in these companies are drawn by the city’s affordability. Indeed, Surrey is widely viewed as a place where young people can still get their foot on the first step of the property ladder. And with an eye to the future, Surrey’s Affordable Housing Strategy was developed to identify specific needs, local market conditions and initiatives that will maintain the city’s status as a desirable home for owners and renters alike.


Surrey’s Public Safety Strategy is a living document that creates action plans to prevent and reduce crime, ensure safe places, build community capacity and support vulnerable people—thanks to the input of city staff, community organizations and residents. This enhances Surrey’s livability.

Capping all this are the retail, recreational and cultural amenities of Surrey’s neighbourhoods, combined with 2,300 hectares of park and open space. From forest reserves to agricultural land, from urban to industrial areas and from beachfronts to mountain vistas, Surrey truly has something for everyone.

The future success of Surrey couldn’t be more assured—or exciting.