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Survey reveals that it's not about the money

A survey done by Miles Employment Group has revealed the top six factors affecting Vancouverites decision to accept a job. The results, collected from visitors to the company's website, show that compensation is no longer the most important factor in a job search, but learning and growth opportunities is. The results may come as a surprise to some, but president and CEO Sandra Miles said in a release that the trends have been heading this way for a while.

Although the rise of Glassdoor and Indeed have made recruiters spend more time on building their company's reputation online, the survey result shows otherwise. Miles explains: 

“Potential employees need to see something more tangible than good reviews. Reviews are very important for employers in all industries but what our survey indicates is that these reviews and the overall reputation of an employer does not play a big part in the final decision of a candidate. Candidates prefer knowing that they are joining an organization with a good culture, mission and values as well as opportunities to improve their skills.”