Most popular BCBiz stories of 2022

These stories kept you, our readers, captivated all year

With the book closing on the year 2022 AD and all of B.C. about to enter a hibernation phase that definitely won’t last as long as we’d all want, what better time than now to take a look in the rearview mirror at some of the most popular BCBusiness stories from this year? 

Lots happened. Housing prices rose well past many people’s financial ceilings. Major construction projects began. We ranked the largest businesses in the province (again). The Michelin Guide rolled over to Vancouver and crowned restaurants we certainly won’t get reservations at until next year. And businesses of all sizes lost some and gained some. 

Read on to find out what you, our readers, found to be the 10 most interesting stories we’ve put out all year.

B.C.'s biggest companies by industry_Vlada KarpovichVlada Karpovich

10. The 2022 Top 100: B.C.'s biggest companies by industry 

Following our annual ranking of the Top 100 companies in the province, our 10th most popular story looked at the biggest businesses in retail, finance, technology and more.

The Oakridge project Vancouver

9. A peek behind the curtain of Vancouver's largest construction project in the former Oakridge Centre 

News of Vancouver developers Westbank and QuadReal’s $4.5-billion project—which will end with 14 towers over the second-largest shopping centre in the region—snagged ninth place in our readers’ hearts.

Boomers aren't downsizing

8. Land Values: Sorry, millennials—baby boomers aren’t downsizing

We upturned any expectations of baby boomers moving out right around the start of the year. Surely enough, prices and available housing more or less stayed put. 

Downtown Eastside Womens Centre

7. 18 B.C.-based Indigenous charities and organizations to donate to this week 

For Canada’s second official National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, this roundup of Indigenous charities and organizations made it easier to put our money where our mouths are. 

Vancouver is officially the third most expensive city in the world to build a house inFranco Fang

6. Vancouver is officially the third most expensive city in the world to build a house in (great) 

After Metro Vancouver home sales hit a record high in 2021, the cost of building a home in Vancouver clocked in right behind New York and San Francisco. (Shocker.)

Michelin Vancouver

5. Predicting the Vancouver restaurants that will get Michelin stars 

This is where all foodies rejoiced. Just as Vancouver prepared to host the finest culinary guide in the world for the first time ever, this list of guesses covered the basics and threw a few twists in, too. 

Cactus Club

4. Cactus Club Cafe founder Richard Jaffray gives up ownership stake 

After a legal battle with the Fuller family (who have been silent partners from the start), founder Richard Jaffray stepped down from the Cactus Club following accusations of misused restaurant funds. 

B.C.’s Most Economically Resilient Cities in 2022Castro Boateng

3. B.C.’s Most Economically Resilient Cities in 2022 

Our eighth annual ranking of B.C.’s best communities for work turned up in the top three most loved stories of this year. 

Where are Metro Vancouver home prices and sales headed in 2022?

2. Where are Metro Vancouver home prices and sales headed in 2022? 

In maintaining its record-breaking pace, Vancouver’s housing market saw low inventory clash with higher interest rates. Our analysis dove into what that would look like for buyers and sellers in 2022. 

Potato chips

1. Opinion: Faithful Frito-Lay consumers may stop chip shopping at Loblaws, thanks to perceived brand authenticity 

The story of the year covered the pricing dispute between snack maker Frito-Lay Canada and grocery chain Loblaws. As the two parties competed for consumer trust, we looked at the chances of potato chip lovers reaching for store brands over Lay’s.