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Communication, diligence and unwavering, specialized expertise are changing the way recruitment is done in Vancouver

HR professionals are often pulled in many different directions, including recruitment. This can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task, especially when it involves sourcing candidates and filling vacancies for roles that haven’t come open for several years.

“We have huge empathy for the HR professionals who might need to fill five different types of positions they have never had to fill before,” says Jeff Harris, founder and CEO of Impact Recruitment. “Recruitment is already a challenge, and if they don’t have candidates in the hopper, where do they go? How do they start?”

Impact Recruitment is a one-stop shop and a pioneer in the Vancouver market. It has experts in more than 75 areas or job verticals, which means clients only need to work with one supplier to help them fill roles in any area.

In a region like Vancouver with a cyclical labour market, recruitment must take a multi-faceted approach to stay competitive and efficient. It means the continuous pursuit of the best job posting platforms for a variety of jobs, and it requires a different plan of attack for every type of job out there.

Success means analyzing labour trends to determine where candidates are applying, where they are needed, and discrepancies between these two metrics. “Lawyers don’t apply to jobs on Craigslist, but administrators do, so we have to look at very different places from a job posting approach,” Harris says.

By their very nature, trends are always changing. For instance, lack of knowledge about wage trends in specific areas can cause difficulty in attracting skilled labour. “Millwright jobs, for example, are posting for significantly less than millwrights are asking,” Harris says. “If they haven’t hired for the role in several years, employers may not realize candidates are demanding a higher wage.”

Of course, being presented with the wrong or poorly qualified candidates can be a huge drain on time and resources. Recruiters who specialize in a specific job vertical have invested the time to become an expert in that area and understand the market inside and out.

“When a client calls us, we know exactly the type of qualifications a candidate will need to be successful in that role and, in some cases, will already have a pool of candidates in mind,” Harris says. “We establish strong communication, and that’s the foundation of our relationship—to partner with them to make any placements a company might need this month, next year or further in the future.





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