City Hall
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City Hall will play host to angry Vancouverites tonight

77 people have signed up to speak at Vancouver City Hall

One thing’s for certain about the hearing at Vancouver’s City Hall tonight (October 24) on short-term rentals: it will be well attended. With 77 people already having signed up to speak at the 6 p.m. meeting, civic officials will have their hands full.

Though it doesn’t explicitly say so on the council agenda, the reason for the meeting is the rise of Airbnb, and whether Vancouver should put restrictions on users of the popular home rental site.

During a July 11, 2017, council meeting, a majority of councillors (except Non-Partisan Association members Melissa De Genova, Elizabeth Ball and George Affleck) voted in favour of restricting short-term rentals, in the form of regulations on those who seek to use Airbnb or other such websites.

Tonight, council and residents of Vancouver will discuss the issue for the first time since that July meeting. Here's what the new regulations entail.

What will be allowed

You can rent your principal residence short-term with a valid business licence. This includes a basement suite or laneway home if:

  1. It’s your principal residence;
  2. It’s a legal suite; and
  3. You have permission from the owner if you’re a renter.

What won't be allowed

Short-term rentals of a home that isn’t your principal residence, including commercial and investment properties and second homes, are forbidden. Also, you can’t rent illegal suites.