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One Vancouver based company continues to push the boundaries of what an Influencer platform can be

Currently expanding in Canada and the USA, ShopandShout is one of the most exciting tech companies we’ve seen start up in B.C. ShopandShout partners with small, medium, and enterprise brands to launch existing products and services through its easy-to-use, automated Influencer Marketplace. This year, the company partnered with major agencies like Geometry global, and brands like Colgate, Crayola, Rival Technologies, and a few brands within the Jim Pattison Group. From what we can tell, ShopandShout could be the unicorn platform brands and Influencers are waiting for.

“Influencer marketing is a love-hate relationship! It’s expensive, it’s labour-intensive and managing the fulfillment process can be a pain in the butt. What if you could automate that whole process and drive better results? How much time, money and effort would you save? ShopandShout was built to give brands the ability to scale content creation, while driving trust, and grassroots advocacy. We’re learning that what we do has a powerful impact on the brand-consumer relationship, and we’re just beginning to understand it!” Vytas Lenauskas, VP, ShopandShout

The company prides itself on having created an online marketplace where everyday influencers can collaborate with brands, and share content and opinions with their followers.

To keep things fun and inspire higher quality content, ShopandShout has gamified the process. Influencers are scored on their content and posts, based on creativity and post effectiveness, by the brand — and they are incentivized by the platform to maintain higher scores!

ShopandShout aims to become the home where micro-influencers come to collaborate and grow. After launching only three years ago, it has managed to build Canada’s largest influencer community — over 20,000 strong — and it continues to expand its services globally. With a scalable platform and a happy, growing base of users, it seems as if ShopandShout.com has created one of the best ecosystems for brands and Influencers to collaborate on.

We love inclusive platforms, and the fact that ShopandShout was originally built to help the influencer marketing woes experienced by Fortune 500, but it has proven to be an amazing tool for the small and midsized business community — an amazing accomplishment for a SaaS based platform. All types and sizes of influencers have opportunity on the platform to collaborate with some cool brands. If you’re an everyday influencer, you can still collaborate, and even earn big bucks with the Ambassador program! ShopandShout embraces community, and authenticity above all else, so being inclusive and adding value to all sizes of brands and influencers is of utmost importance to the leadership team.

Congratulations ShopandShout, we’ll be joining you!

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