Business books

Business books
Stay abreast of the latest business book news without stepping into a store.

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The world has no shortage of business books, and I should know, I wrote one. As an already overstretched entrepreneur, I often regret not having enough time to comb through many of the promising business related titles.

That said, it seems like many business books suffer from poor editing or a lack of juicy content, and often consist of fluff surrounding one key idea that can be found on the back cover.

So how do you possibly keep track of all the wisdom piling up out there on the shelves? Enter the StartUp Daily, a Monday-Friday email newsletter (also delivered as Tweets or on Facebook) that profiles business books spanning a breadth of topics. The profile includes a one paragraph bit of wisdom drawn from the book – the StartUp Daily's tag line is "great ideas from great books" – and a link to the full title on Amazon.

I'll admit, I tend to shy away from the idea of adding more clutter to my inbox, but I've found the StartUp Daily to be a good way of bringing business related ideas across my desk every morning. And where something really grabs me, I mark the book on my to-do list.

The jury is still out the on the digest's frequency. Weekly might be enough for some people, but most mornings I take more than a cursory glance at the book of the day.