People in the wind turbine game are the aviation nuts of decades past. Like building airplanes, building turbines requires a love of design, an inventor's turn of mind, and an instinct for the passage of air over a wing. Who can look at the videos below and not recall crackling sepia footage of the early-model planes ‒ the midwing, the tandem propeller, the monoplane? Most of these designs were destined never to get airborne. Will any of these turbines succeed in the brave new world of wind-generated power?

The QuietRevolution The manufacturers of the QuietRevolution claim that its helical design "ensures a robust performance even in turbulent winds" and "virtually eliminat[es] all noise and vibration."
The VP100 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine The turbine is programmed to begin generating power at winds speeds above 13 mph, with a projected annual power production of 50 megawatt-hours per year.
The Helix The makers of the Helix are engaged in what they call "small wind" ‒ that is, wind energy systems that generate just enough power to meet the demands of a home, farm or small business.