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Apr 1, 2008
The Generation Y Guide
Peter Severinson

With the baby boomers stepping out of the spotlight, Generation Y has come to the fore. What do you get when you raise kids to believe they can do anything, give them all the technical gadgets they’ll need to make that happen, send them off to excellent schools, and then spit...

Mar 25, 2008
Getting The Most Value From Your MBA
by Peter Mitham

Talk to the business schools and they’ll tell you the demand for MBA grads is strong. That’s not an idle boast. A survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, a U.S.-based organization that tracks employment trends among post-secondary...

Mar 25, 2008
MBAs Online: Going the Distance
Peter Mitham

On every second Friday and Saturday, sales executive Daniel Watson leaves his wife and one-year-old daughter in Surrey for a boardroom in Vancouver’s Bentall Centre. There he joins 17 students locally and 46 others in similar settings across the country...

Mar 1, 2008
Help Wanted: B.C. Employers Reach Out to Foreign Workers
Brennan Clarke

At first glance, it seemed like a quick and easy fix for the Fairmont Chateau Whistler’s labour crunch. Faced with a staffing shortage of alarming proportions last fall, management at the five-star resort hotel launched an effort to import 80 temporary workers from the Philippines. The two-step process – a labour...

Feb 1, 2008
Climate of Creativity: B.C. Entrepreneurs
Dianne Buckner

This may sound a bit crazy, but lately I’ve found myself wondering if the climate in B.C. has some mysteriously inspiring effect on entrepreneurs, possibly causing them to be especially creative. This thought occurred to me first as I sat...

Feb 1, 2008
How to Life Hack: Time Management Tips
Jessica Werb

Overloaded with information? Constantly stressed over deadlines? Feel like you’re headed toward burnout? Hack your life with these time management tips. You could visit a life coach or hire a therapist, but in recent years young hipsters have begun following a...

Nov 1, 2007
Business Blunders: Heads Up
Myles Murchison

Ask Atari. This is the company that in the 1970s thought Pong was a bigger idea than the one Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were touting called Apple. For that matter, ask Apple about Newton. Ask PepsiCo about Crystal Pepsi...

Sep 1, 2007
How to Leave the Workforce Gracefully
Jessica Werb

Taking a break from working, whether it’s to travel, recover from an illness or raise a family, can seem a daunting endeavour. How will you ensure you’ll still be a contender when it’s time to return to the workforce? With...

Aug 1, 2007
How to Get Your Career Groove Back
Jessica Werb

Careers are like a long-term relationship: there’s that initial honeymoon period, where the possibilities seem endless; the comfy stage, when contentment reigns; and finally the easing into a routine that can start to get old and leave you wondering if...

Jul 1, 2007
B.C. Workplace Diversification: Culture Shock
BCBusiness D.B.

Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, Indians, Iranians, Ukrainians, and all the rest – B.C. needs them. Badly. The baby boomers are teetering toward retirement, and our strong economy is churning out jobs. With new immigrants streaming over the border to fill vacancies, multiculturalism in the workplace is no longer a feel-good slogan; it’s a business imperative.

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