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Feb 1, 2007
B.C. Workplace: The Humane Economy
Ann Coombs

In 10 to 20 years, the Vancouver workplace will be guided as much by today’s emerging ethical priorities as by new technology. The upcoming generation of leaders will place ethics and sustainability at the top of their list of priorities, alongside revenue and profits. As for technology, the convergence of computers and telephones will be seamless, smart buildings will be the norm and intelligent robots will be so commonplace that they may finally disappear from futurists’ projections.

Jan 1, 2007
Women in Business: Black Listed?
BCBusiness D.B.

Other lists show similar results: look at the 100 biggest companies in the province (July 2006), and you might find one or two female CEOs. Check any national publication’s list of fastest-growing, most influential, top-paid or top-performing companies or individuals...

Jan 1, 2007
How to Navigate the Career 180
Jessica Werb

Considering an extreme career makeover? You’re not alone: according to the Canadian Federal Labour Standards Review Commission, most Canadians will have about three careers and eight jobs over their lifetime. And given the current labour shortage, there’s no better time to start exploring your options. So take a deep breath and follow this advice from the experts on how to pull off a career U-turn.

Jan 1, 2007
Labour Pains: Worker Prosperity or Slavery?
Bonnie Makarewicz

Is this so-called labour shortage a gateway to prosperity or a ticket to slave labour? Marcos Baac came to B.C. for a job he couldn’t find back home in Mexico. Last January, he and a crew of his compatriots started work at the Golden Eagle Group berry farm in Pitt...

Nov 1, 2006
The Accidental Entrepreneur
Brooke Thorsteinson

You just got laid off, you haven’t been able to find a job and your Employment Insurance benefits aren’t cutting it. Where do you turn? If you’ve always dreamed of running your own business, you could enrol in a entrepreneur program.

Oct 2, 2006
How to Get Your S**t Together
Jessica Werb

How else to explain the growing popularity of TV shows like How Clean is Your House? and Clean Sweep, and the increasing numbers of professional organizers in the Yellow Pages? Here’s what the pros have to say about how to...

Sep 1, 2006
Self-Employed Mothers: Mompreneurs
Lisa Will and Tracey von Dehn

It seems every time you open a newspaper there’s another story about a mom starting her own business. The press, and the moms themselves, have glamorized these incredible “mompreneurs” for starting great businesses. They’ve led us to believe these businesses...

Aug 1, 2006
Dream Jobs Dissected
Vicki O’Brien

If you view your corporate gig strictly as a lifelong straitjacket that pays the mortgage and feeds the kids, you’re not alone. Most of us fantasize about the elusive dream job, the one we hoped for in our childhood: owning...

Jul 1, 2006
Skilled Labour Migrants: Ticket to Nowhere
Yolanda Brooks

A mechanical engineer slicing meat in a deli. A lawyer shovelling asphalt for a construction company. A building inspector delivering pizza. An agricultural consultant with a PhD selling hardware at Home Depot. Even as the B.C. government and local industries...

Jul 1, 2006
Working Relationships: When Business Gets Personal
Kevin Chong

What happens when you work in an office with the person you wake up with every morning? Meet three couples who took their ¬personal relationships into business and thrived – even when the personal, love life side hits the rocks.

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