Oct 25, 2017
8 future-proof jobs
By the Editors

Over the coming decade, an Intelligence Revolution will drive exponential change in the world of work. That’s the message of a report from the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) and Deloitte Canada. The three forces driving this change: machine learning—computers...

Oct 18, 2017
B.C. North is rich in educational and lifestyle opportunities

It has often been predicted that Canada’s future prosperity lies in the North, and while all signs indicate this is true, many misconceptions have arisen about the nature of that prosperity—along with the role the education system in the region will play laying the foundation for it. The most common misconception...

Oct 4, 2017
Work with people you don't like? Best-selling author Adam Kahane can help
By BCBusiness

If you want to make a difference as a leader, forget what you know about collaboration—and learn to get along with folks you might otherwise avoid. On October 12 at SFU Harbour Centre, best-selling author Adam Kahane delivers a keynote...

Sep 22, 2017
Want to attract the right talent? Be more transparent
Eric Termuende

Often when we think about the future of work, we think 3D printing, remote and flexible workplaces, artificial intelligence—and worry that we may be evolved out of our jobs. After all, 50 per cent of jobs as we know them...

Aug 25, 2017
5 signs someone could be lying on their resumé
By BCBusiness

Is lying to get a job the new normal? In a recent survey by staffing firm OfficeTeam, 37 per cent of Canadian workers said they knew someone who put false information on a resumé. The top three areas for embellishment...

Aug 15, 2017
Want to be a better manager? Socialize less—and listen more
By BCBusiness

Good leaders know that small talk is cheap, according to management expert Kim Scott. In an op-ed for the Harvard Business Review, the bestselling author outlines what she believes are a manager’s three main duties: create a culture of feedback...

Aug 1, 2017
Telus, Ledcor rank among Canada's top 25 places to work
By BCBusiness

Two B.C. companies have made a new ranking of the country’s top workplaces. The 25 Best Places to Work in Canada, curated by Indeed from employee reviews on the job search site, encompasses industries such as finance, telecommunications, health care...

Jul 21, 2017
How many chief officers does your company really need?
By BCBusiness

Hail to the chief—or maybe not. As a recent Quartz story notes, the corporate world is suffering from an outbreak of chiefiness. Chief executive officer and chief financial officer are one thing, but chief strategy officer, chief people officer—or chief...

Jul 17, 2017
B.C. is the most entrepreneurial province, survey says
By BCBusiness

When it comes to being their own boss, British Columbians walk the talk. A whopping 39 per cent have gone into business for themselves, according to a recent poll by multichannel commerce platform Shopify Inc. That put us just ahead...

Jun 27, 2017
Have laptop, will travel: how one B.C. company encourages staff to work from anywhere
Marcie Good

One morning in early March, Igor Trninic was setting up interviews for a position in his fast-growing startup, Breakthrough Academy. A key benefit to joining the company, he told applicants, is the ability to work from anywhere. Case in point:...

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