Sep 2, 2009
Get Happy
Peter Severinson

Money might be an investment in happiness, but is it a good one? Consider these two simple questions: How much of your time and effort are spent trying to increase your income? And how important is that income to your overall happiness? While pondering that, consider this recent experiment out of UBC and Harvard Business School. Researchers asked 300 people at various income levels how happy they were. The subjects were then asked to guess how others at different income levels would...

Aug 31, 2009
B.C.'s HST: The Funny Thing About Rage
Peter Severinson

With B.C.'s controversial HST, are the wins worth the losses? The HST seems to have given British Columbians a big injection of angry. But you know, I've got to say I'm altogether unmoved. Maybe it's the end-of-summer lethargy at work here, but my reaction to the new taxation system is a resounding "OK."

Aug 25, 2009
Why Vancouver Is Canada's Richest City
Tony Wanless

A couple of months ago I sat with a sales consultant from Toronto who was trying to divine the BC business mind. What, she wanted to know, do people actually do out here. They don’t make things and don’t seem...

Jul 29, 2009
B.C. HST: High-handed Selfish Tax
Tony Wanless

Gordon Campbell says the BC HST is the "single biggest thing we can do to improve B.C.'s economy." It is? Generally, I’m a fan of sales taxes because they directly target consumption, which fits with my sense of fair play: The more you buy, the more you should pay.  

Jul 28, 2009
The Recession is NOT Over
Tony Wanless

The Bank of Canada may be technically correct in that the economy has stopped shrinking for two quarters. But an accurate, albeit very narrow, technical description hardly means a recession is "over," growth is back, and happy days are here again. Here's why I think so: 1. Economic shrinkage of more...

Jul 15, 2009
Is Saving Money Worth Anything?
Steve Burgess

Penny wise or pound foolish? Pondering the question of false savings and financial symbolism. As travel season approaches, fond memories of past vacations come flooding back – such as the time I visited the wide-open countryside near Ernfold, Saskatchewan. This was...

Jun 25, 2009
Conspicuous Consumption
Peter Mitham

Those attending the industry gala at the Pacific Agriculture Show in Abbotsford last February might have missed B.C. Agriculture Minister Ron Cantelon’s passing remark that agriculture is a stabilizing force in difficult economic times. A casual, well-meaning comment that in...

Jun 25, 2009
Before the Storm
Peter Mitham

The glory that was: that’s how this year’s list of the Top 100 companies could look in the midst of the current recession. Unemployment in B.C. today sits at 7.4 per cent, construction activity continues to languish and layoffs hit...

Jun 25, 2009
Hot and Not: 2009 Top 100 in B.C.
BCBusiness Yip

As the saying goes, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. (And then – gulp – the interpretation of statistics.) While it’s impossible to say too much about the financial health of these corporations, it’s fun to see who has made the biggest leaps and tumbles in the past year. There...

May 21, 2009
A $7-million First Nations Regeneration Fund
Tony Wanless

It looks like the B.C. economy of this century is going to include aboriginals – who were so ignored by the one of the last century. A new $7-million “first Nation Regeneration Fund” will give aboriginals access to capital to become co-owners of some run-of-river power projects.

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