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Mar 9, 2009
A New World of Choice
Tony Wanless

Affluence creates so many choices, he said, that it’s almost impossible to make a “right” decision. One result of too much choice is the rise of the person who will help you make that choice. Because we have too many options that take up all our time and energy, we let...

Mar 1, 2009
Olympic Debt Left Over
Lisa Nguyen

It's likely the sentiments are similar in London, where they're already reporting a cost of £9-billion, almost four times the initial figure of £2.35-billion for the 2012 Summer Olympics. They're now planning to slash spending by downgrading the £400-million...

Feb 25, 2009
Note To Customer: Get Lost
Tony Wanless

In the midst of a recession, the credit card company American Express is offering “selected customers” a $300 AmEx prepaid gift card if they pay off their balances and close their accounts. Other US credit card issuers, equally hard hit by escalating payment defaults, are expected to follow suit. Okay, so...

Jan 28, 2009
Recession Like a Fox
Peter Severinson

I've been trawling my brains recently for something new and interesting to say on the topic of our Current Economic Difficulties. We've been treading through a bog of bad news for months now, and coming up with something novel to add to the mire is kind of tough. Then it...

Jan 7, 2009
Infrastructure Spending: So Last Century
Tony Wanless

It looks like the Canadian government – whoever that’s going to be – is going to open the vaults in the coming year for massive infrastructure spending.Like many governments around the world, it’s their knee-jerk reaction to economic problems. It worked in the US under Roosevelt in the Depression, so...

Nov 4, 2008
The Cheap Guy Rides Again
Tony Wanless

In another movie, I wrote a newspaper column called The Cheap Guy , which advocated that we all get off the spending merry-go-round and bring simplicity and frugality into our lives. This frugality movement had an interesting, almost cult-like, run. We lived – some of us still do – by...

Oct 9, 2008
How to Establish Fair Compensation
Susan Hollis

Business is booming and you need to hire more staff. Figuring out what (and how) to pay new employees can be tricky. Determining a fair wage depends on the type of work, and the ilk of worker you need to hire. Human resource experts Cissy Pau of Clear HR Consulting...

Sep 15, 2008
Federal Politics: The Scandal Gap
By Tony Wanless

Financial scandals are staples of politics in this country, which rarely sees a good old fashioned sex scandal of British proportions – the recent story about federal minister Maxime Bernier hooking up with a biker chick notwithstanding. Either we don't have much sex, or we don't really care what people do...

Aug 12, 2008
Managing vs. Thinking at ICBC
Tony Wanless

Apparently, to please a government bent on cost cutting, the ICBC board formed a policy to boost revenues from the research facility and other ICBC divisions that had previously been seen as cost centres, not revenue generators. But a policy is one thing; strategy is another. And there doesn't appear to...

Jul 1, 2008
Will Power: The Inheritance Problem
Vicki O’Brien

“My dad had done his best to control us while he was alive – now he was doing it from the grave.” What they expected to be a simple three-way division of their dad’s considerable estate turned out to be...

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