From running through a meadow to draped over your shoulders – we look at the involved process of making fur coats.

Despite the fashion industry's fluctuating interest in furs, the unwavering opposition of "antis" and the crippling effects of a recession, fur is back and sexy once again. According to Rokie Bernstein, CEO of Snowflake Trading Co., the industry is making its exultant comeback – to the joy of some and dismay of others.

BCBusiness's December issue looks at the resurgence of Canada's fur trade in "The Skins Game," taking up issue with the industry's claim as being "not only chic but also green," and looking closer at the revival of fur in fashion.

But whether fur is fashion or faux pas is up to you to decide. For some industry insight, check out the "How It's Made" clips below. No lynx, minks or beavers were harmed (on-screen) in the making of these videos.