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Jan 17, 2020
BC Business Report Card: Vancouver meets its maker and Jimmy Pattison’s trophy case

We don’t mean to belittle all the people whose lives were rudely interrupted by the presence of snow this week. But actually, we kinda do. You see, we once again gave our fellow countrymen reason to belittle us, as we called...

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Jan 17, 2020
Big Fat Deal: $5 million for a Tuscan castle by the sea on Vancouver Island
Steve Burgess

Address: 10493 Allbay Road, Sidney Price: $4,900,000 Listing: 415618 The skinny: Two-bedroom, three-bathroom, 5,438-square-foot mansion on an 11,110-square-foot waterfront property The bling: Tuscany by the sea, they call it. Well, medieval Tuscany was a fractious kind of place, and it was often necessary to repel...

Jan 17, 2020
Whistler's Vallea Lumina is a walk in the woods
Rhiannon Jones

“Old stories tell of the wondrous things that happen near Whistler. Between the trees, in the shadow of mountains, legends say there’s a hidden valley where stardust falls from the sky, filling all living things with its pure light” Just a short 10-minute car ride from Whistler Village will see you...

Jan 16, 2020
Opinion: How to communicate effectively in 2020
Ben Baker

In his monthly column for BCBusiness, Richmond-based employee engagement and internal brand communications expert Ben Baker shares his insights into how to communicate value effectively so people want to listen and engage. In the end, it’s about creating influence through trust. January 2020 is an exciting time for many businesses. The...

Jan 14, 2020
The highest- and lowest-priced homes sold in B.C.: January 5 to 11
By the Editors

Typically, sales activity slows down in December and January. Despite fewer buyers and slower sales activity, the most expensive home sold last week was on the market for only six days, according to data analyzed by Vancouver-based Zolo Realty on...

Jan 14, 2020
10 Things You Didn't Know About... Article's Wendy Youds
Nathan Caddell

Originally from the U.K., Wendy Youds has worked and lived around the globe for some of the world’s most admired brands. That’s meant everything from in her home country managing products for storied companies like Dr. Martens and Next, as well...

Jan 14, 2020
5 most popular Canadian biz books from the week of January 6 to 12
Munro’s Books

Bestselling business titles provided by Munro’s Books, 1108 Government Street, Victoria, B.C.

Jan 10, 2020
BCBusiness Report Card: Goldcorp learns what’s in a name
Nathan Caddell

If you’re looking for happy, good news about the province of British Columbia…well, you’re not going to find it here. At least not this week. It was a week in which (at least) 15 B.C. residents were killed in a plane...

Jan 10, 2020
Wholehearted Leadership Opinion: Do you endure or endear people?
David MacLean

I sat in the restaurant at arm’s length from their breakfast table, watching the entire encounter transpire. I was encouraged. I was appalled. One got it. One didn’t. Randy Carlyle got it. The other former Winnipeg Jet—who shall remain nameless—didn’t. The Jets were catching an early morning flight to their next game. Randy and...

Jan 9, 2020
10 views on 2020: Experts analyze the year ahead for B.C.
Nick Rockel

Forestry is struggling, tech is booming, and companies of all sizes can’t find enough good people. As B.C. rings in the new year, those are just a few of the factors that will affect businesses across the province during an...

Jan 9, 2020
Opinion: Preparation is key to a successful job interview
Angela Civitella

You’re midway through an interview for a promotion you really want, and it’s all going well. But suddenly, the interviewer asks you a question that you can’t answer. Your heart sinks, and you start talking without knowing how you’re going to finish the sentence. You don’t need to see the...

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