After Hours: 3 things to do in May

What to do this May


The Maya, who may once have numbered a couple of million people spread across what are now Guatemala, Belize and parts of Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador, are renowned for their architecture, mathematics skills, astronomical system and sophisticated calendar. This month, Victoria’s Royal BC Museum launches Maya: The Great Jaguar Rises, presented in North America for the first time. The exhibition explores how science and belief shaped the Mayan world, displays works previously not shown outside Guatemala and spotlights 30 existing dialects to mark UNESCO‘s Year of Indigenous Languages. May 17-December 31 $16.95-$26.95, children 3-5 free


Ballet BC is capping its 2018-19 season with a celebration of artistic director Emily Molnar‘s 10th anniversary with the company. Following the May 11 performance of Program 3, which includes the North American and world premieres, respectively, of Bedroom Folk and Poesía, and the return of Minus 16, audience members can stay on for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and lots of dancing. Program 3; May 9, 10, 11 $35-$95, seniors and students $35-$85


Want to know what’s on B.C.’s mind? Get the lowdown from our partner the BC Chamber of Commerce, hosting its 2019 AGM & Conference in Burnaby. Themed Better Together, the gathering features keynote speaker Rex Murphy, never shy to say what he’s thinking. There are also talks by JP Gladu, president and CEO of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business; and B.C. researcher Vivian Krause, who claims there’s a U.S.-backed campaign to shut Canada out of the oil market. Panel discussions include a look at up-and-coming Generation Z and its economic impact. Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Hotel and Element Hotel, Burnaby; May 23-25