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Exploring Indigenous History: New Series Challenges Canadians to Engage in Truth and Reconciliation

Lisa LaFlamme sits down with former National Chief Phil Fontaine and Kathleen Mahoney to unravel the complex tapestry that is Indigenous history in Canada

A new six-part series explores the history of the First Nations peoples of Canada and aims to provide a path forward for Truth and Reconciliation in the country.

Hosted by award-winning Canadian broadcast journalist Lisa LaFlamme and featuring interviews with prominent First Nations leader Phil Fontaine and internationally recognized human rights expert Kathleen Mahoney, Understanding Indigenous History: A Path Forward, aims to help viewers navigate and understand the complex tapestries of Indigenous history and Truth and Reconciliation in Canada.

The series endeavours to help viewers navigate the intricate webs of Indigenous history and Truth and Reconciliation in Canada.

“This is a history lesson that won’t feel like a lesson at all,” LaFlamme said. “It’s a conversation that we all need to engage in and I’m so grateful to Phil and Kathleen for leading the way.”

Transformational teaching

Whether used in classrooms, libraries, homes or in workplaces, these videos will spark interest and ignite a passion for lifelong learning and understanding, bridging the past with the present to pave the way for a brighter future.

“All good teaching is about transformation—individual, collective and institutional,” says Fontaine. “Each of these levels is needed to foster reconciliation for all wrongs done to Indigenous peoples in Canada. We hope this series assists in some small way towards that end.”

This compelling six-part series explores the oral history of the origins of Indigenous peoples before European settlers arrived on the land that became Canada, treaties and the fur trade, the impact of assimilation, leadership and governance within First Nations communities, Indigenous law and the 94 calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

“As an institution of higher learning, the best way UCW can contribute to furthering Truth and Reconciliation in Canada is through what we know best—education,” says Dr. Bashir Makhoul, president and vice-chancellor of University Canada West. “I invite all Canadians to watch and share the videos, and to witness and engage in this important conversation.”

Empowering with knowledge

This educational series seeks to empower people across Canada—in classrooms and workplaces and from their homes—to join in on a national journey toward Truth and Reconciliation.

All six episodes of Understanding Indigenous History: A Path Forward are now available to watch on UCW’s YouTube channel at

By sharing their lived experiences and profound understanding of Indigenous history and culture, Phil Fontaine and Kathleen Mahoney provide an immersive exploration of the trajectory of Indigenous peoples in Canada since initial contact. The series offers an easy-to-follow but profound explanation of important topics including the origins of treaties, residential schools, the Indian Act, the Sixties Scoop and the scars of colonialization that remain today.