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Sauder School of Business

Educating with a global perspective, Sauder School of Business is considered one of the most reputable business schools in the world.

The Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia is one of the world’s leading business faculties. Consistently ranked among the top 100 business schools in the world, Sauder is recognized internationally for award-winning business management research. Established for over 50 years, the Sauder School of Business maintains an international reputation for excellence in research and is recognized for transformational management thinking. With other 100 high-calibre academics from around the globe, its faculty enjoys worldwide recognition for its excellence in research, teaching and outreach. Sauder faculty members and research centres shape business practices worldwide through active engagement with the business community, government and public interest groups. Bringing leading-edge perspectives and teaching techniques into the classroom, Sauder’s faculty provides students with the latest in management thinking. New courses are giving students the skills they need to launch new ventures in the marketplace, apply the latest design thinking to business issues, devise successful public-private partnerships, and much more.

Sauder embodies a distinctly international perspective on business, demonstrated by its worldwide teaching and research activities, the multinational diversity of its staff and student community, and its partnerships with businesses, organizations and institutions around the globe. The Sauder community brings together individuals from diverse cultures and perspectives. The faculty represents over 25 countries and, in an average class, 65 per cent of the MBA students are from outside Canada, with more than 30 languages spoken. The School’s Global Alumni Network includes over 30,000 alumni in 70 countries around the world.

With a global perspective, Sauder has strong ties internationally, particularly in China where the school has a 50-year history of academic partnership.