25 local companies make Natural Products Canada’s list of 100 bio-based “game changers”

NPC's report recognizes the women behind Canada's top natural and bio-based products.

Natural Products Canada's report highlights female bio-based game changers from BC

Credit: Natural Products Canada. (left to right) Aisha Yang, co-founder and CEO of Herbaland; Jasmine Byrne and Kimberly Chamberland, COO and CEO of Big Mountain Foods; Ayissi Nyemba, founder of Emkao Foods; Geneviève Noël, founder and director of Mindful Innovations; Karen Danudjaja, co-founder and CEO of Blume

NPC’s report recognizes the women behind Canada’s top natural and bio-based products

It’s not an easy task to evaluate the major players in Canada’s competitive bio-based industry. Which companies are doing the most? Where are they from? Who are the people driving the sector’s creativity?  

Thankfully, national bio-based innovation supporter Natural Products Canada (NPC) has compiled a report sponsored by TD to answer all those questions (and more). In Game Changer: Leading Companies. Powered by Women, the organization took a look at the female pioneers creating the most economic and social impact in this field with solutions for health and wellness, beauty and personal care, and even for corporations looking to meet their sustainability goals.  

“These women-led companies are developing everything from sustainable plastics and planet- friendly chemicals to healthy food and beverages,” said Shelley King, CEO of Natural Products Canada, in a release. “They are all united by their passion to create products that are healthier for people and the planet.” 

Through a nation-wide campaign, NPC asked over 100 natural and bio-based companies questions about their innovation, sustainability and growth. The organization evaluated each company’s progress relative to its size and highlighted those women-led businesses worthy of the “game changer” title.  

A quarter of the list is comprised of B.C.-based businesses:

Big Mountain Foods
Blume Supply Inc.
BryoSphere Biotechnologies
Herbaland Naturals, Inc.
iLOLA Inc.
INCA Renewtech
KidStar Nutrients
Kindred Cultures Inc.
Lita’s Mexican Foods Inc.
Living Tree Foods Ltd.
Maple Organics
NutraEx Food Inc.
Nutrienvisus Technologies Inc
Origen Air
Save Da Sea
Stop Sugar Crave
Trendi Tech Inc.
Vitality Products Inc.
withinUs Natural Health
Yumasoy Foods Ltd.