7 B.C. companies rank among top 100 most valuable brands in Canada

We look at the seven B.C. companies that ranked among the Top 100 Most Valuable Brands in Canada.


Photo by Fancycrave.com from Pexels

Telus ranked third among the strongest brands in Canada, blowing past its Eastern telecomm rivals

B.C. brands seem to be doing just fine in the national arena. As BCBusiness gets ready for this year’s B.C.’s Most Loved Brands in the June 2019 issue, we take a look at global consultancy Brand Finance‘s Canada 100 2019 Report, which outlines the top-valued brands in the country.

Beating out competitors Bell and Rogers as the brand that lost least in a particularly poor year for telecommunications providers, Vancouver-based Telus clinched the seventh overall spot on the list with an estimated brand value of roughly $8.7 billion. In addition, the company was assessed among Canada’s six strongest brands thanks to its corporate social responsibility (CSR) scores, innovation and reputation.

Joining fellow British Columbian Telus, here are six brands from the province that are making their presence felt in Canada.

Lululemon The athleticwear game-changer continues to climb, now ranked 2019’s second-fastest-growing brand in the country. Try walking around Vancouver for an hour without seeing the iconic horseshoe-like symbol—which is supposed to be a stylized letter “A,” originally designed for the name Athletically Hip, which failed to pass muster. 

Dairyland While the report only listed six B.C. companies due to Dairyland’s status as a subsidiary of Montreal food giant Saputo, the dairy claimed a spot of its own, 27th to be exact (52 spots higher than its parent company). The Burnaby-based business operates across Canada with a variety of milk-based products.

First Quantum Minerals Lesser known, yet to be reckoned with, First Quantum has quickly gone from 83rd last year to 69th, becoming the fourth-fastest-growing brand in Canada and the third most valuable in B.C. The Vancouver-based miner has gained attention recently over the success of its quarter operating its Cobre Panama Copper Mine

Finning The largest dealer of Caterpillar products in the world, and frequent 2018 Top 100 high-ranker, Vancouver-based Finning serves clients around the globe with revenues topping $6.2 billion in 2017. Holding tight at its 74th spot, the company’s standing remains unchanged from last year’s ranking.

A&W Canada The North Vancouver-based fast-food chain, which split off from its U.S. parent in the ’70s and is now 100 percent Canadian, A&W joins the list at 87th. This comes after some efforts to strengthen its brand in 2017. With over 950 locations across the country, it’d be hard not to recognize its famous root beer and familial burgers.

Teck With its headquarters planted in downtown Vancouver, Teck Resouces continues to be among the top players in the mining game, although it may be near the bottom of the ranking, coming in 90th place after dropping 10 spots from last year.

With the ever-changing economic landscape in the country, some rankings may have been more predictable than others. Regardless, the seven companies outlined showcase the power of B.C. businesses and their place on the national stage.