Not Your Father’s


Once upon a time an MBA was the safe route for those seeking a cushy job in a corner suite. Today, “safe” and “cushy” are at the bottom of the wish list among aspiring business leaders, and gone are the days when an MBA program meant lecture halls packed with pencil pushers

Some myths are hard to kill, like the one about entrepreneurs having to learn their lessons from the school of hard knocks. B.C. is built on small businesses, and our universities have responded with MBA programs aimed at giving self-starters the tools they need to forge their own path.

Lesson number one: succeeding in today’s business world means thinking globally. Local MBA programs send students to the four corners of the world, not only studying far-flung businesses, but immersing themselves in the cultures of potential business partners.

Nor can business lessons be contained within the walls of a classroom or the pages of a book. Innovative MBA programs have broken down traditional barriers by connecting students to the “always on” world of digital communication. Some classes have gone so far as to do away with books and tests altogether, instead demanding that students share ideas through tweeting, blogging and surfing the web. (If you’ve always had a hankering for a blue suit and a corner office, however, fear not: you can still find some of the more traditional fare among B.C.’s MBA programs.) 

Whether you’re just out of university and eager to grab the business world by the horns, or are mid-career and looking to take the next step, you’ll find plenty to inspire you in our 2011 guide to MBA programs in B.C.