5 skills you need to be a CEO

Whether or not you aspire to be a boss, developing the necessary skills will help your career, according to Halelly Azulay, founder of Los Angeles-based leadership development firm TalentGrow, LLC and author of Employee Development on a ShoestringAttributes common to successful CEOs include:

  • Risk tolerance: The ability to take calculated risks—and live with the potential fallout—is important for rising leaders.
  • Vision: Effective CEOs can see beyond the immediate needs and urgent matters and keep long-term goals and aspirations in mind. 
  • Reliability: When you say you’ll do something, you do it. 
  • Adaptability: CEOs must be able to pivot and adjust to change. The good news is, this is an area where people often assume they’re weaker than they are. 
  • Engaging for impact: Being able to make an impression and inspire people to see a vision.