Backbone Systems

At Backbone Systems we make information technology uncomplicated, which may be all you need to know for your business to prosper.
Of course, we’re happy to explain further.

Backbone understands that modern business owners need to streamline technology in order to focus on business operations and growth. As a business owner, you want your IT to work quickly and easily. Your time is better spent focused anywhere else—even away from work—than figuring out how to safely and securely back up data, or what software will work best with your infrastructure.

Call us. We’ll discuss your business and establish your IT needs, and then you can leave the rest to us. It’s that uncomplicated.

Vancouver, BC-based Backbone Systems was founded in 2005 to offer cost-effective file sharing and enterprise email to small businesses, helping owners develop and maintain a relationship with IT that makes running a business easy, efficient and more enjoyable.

Your business can afford the exceptional level of IT service that Backbone offers because although our overhead includes the complex tasks of acquiring and maintaining servers and software, and hiring the IT professionals to run them, we service many businesses. The result is that our overhead per user is a fraction of what you’d expect. This equates to savings for you.

If storing sensitive information is integral to your business’ success, Backbone has you covered. We believe that it’s important for all Canadian businesses to understand where their data flows—whether that’s through the US or elsewhere. Many industry bodies recommend or even specify that members’ data remain in Canada, sometimes even in the member’s province. Backbone is 100% Canadian, which means that our staff, offices, data centres and spam filters are all housed in British Columbia.  Why might this be important for your business? So that none of your data is vulnerable to the United States Patriot Act authorized seizure.
Not sure what you need? Just ask us. Backbone’s expert IT team assembles collections of products that work together flawlessly for your business, and makes them accessible by you on the platform of your choice, such as Windows, MacIntosh, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and more.

Your first call to us should only be the first time we hear from you. We welcome our clients to call anytime with changing needs or questions. Our friendly support staff is on hand to explain IT in plain language that makes it uncomplicated. We also offer IT consulting to ensure our clients can leverage the power of the cloud.
The most valuable service on our menu is arguably the peace of mind we offer our clients by hosting business systems, which means you are able to access your entire desktop from anywhere you have an internet connection. Work worry-free from anywhere while Backbone maintains all the “back-end” systems businesses rely on.

Backbone clients ask us to handle a wide variety of critical IT systems including:

  • Email (via Microsoft Exchange)
  • File Sharing
  • Microsoft Office
  • QuickBooks
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • CRM
  • Web Hosting

Benefits of being a Backbone client include:

  • Strategy & Support. Our IT experts work with you to define a technological strategy that matches your business’ needs. We’re here for you every step of the way thereafter.
  • Quick Setup. Our systems are fast to set up, no matter how you bundle them. From our offices, we simply remotely log on to your computer or mobile device remotely, and do it for you. Then we’ll send someone to your home or office to ensure everything’s running smoothly.
  • Security. Your business data is safe in the event that something happens to your computer(s) or hand-held device. We have a secure data storage solution with full recovery ability.
  • Recovery. Our team will do what it takes to restore your data in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your computer(s) or hand-held device.
  • Real All In One. You’ll be up-and-running with one phone call. You won’t have to juggle service providers and ensure they’re all compatible with one another.
  • One Phone Number. Any questions, call us on the same phone number. We’re happy to quickly diagnose any problems, discuss evolving technical needs, and do whatever it takes to make your IT uncomplicated for your business.
  • Mobility. We’ll set up your mobile communication device (phone, BlackBerry, iPhone, etc) and ensure you are able to check emails and manage your business from wherever you are.
  • A Team. You’ll have an annual strategy session with our IT professionals so you know how and when to invest in your business. We’ll brief you on the latest offerings from the world of IT, and whether or not they’ll complement your needs. Best of all, we’ll explain it in plain language, free of tech buzz words and terms.

We’ll make it uncomplicated.