BCBusiness Brief | Canada Pulls Out of Kyoto, Retirement Housing Boom and Kindle Fire Faces Critics

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Environment Minister Peter Kent said to meet the targets under Kyoto for 2012 would be equivalent to taking every car off the road in Canada.

Canada First Nation to Pull Out of Kyoto Protocol

Canada on Monday became the first country to announce it would withdraw from the Kyoto protocol on climate change, dealing a symbolic blow to the already troubled global treaty.

Environment Minister Peter Kent broke the news on his return from talks in Durban, where countries agreed to extend Kyoto for five years and hammer out a new deal forcing all big polluters for the first time to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: Reuters


‘Silver Tsunami’ Fuels Retirement Housing Boom

Ed Shanahan is part of a housing trend that’s expected to see sharp growth in the coming decades as baby boomers age and leave their old homes behind.

Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association president and chief executive officer Peter Simpson said there’s a “silver tsunami” on the horizon and that smart builders will pay attention to universal-design features for aging homeowners.

Source: The Vancouver Sun


Kindle Fire Faces Critics

The Kindle Fire, Amazon’s heavily promoted tablet, is less than a blazing success with many of its early users. The most disgruntled are packing the device up and firing it back to the retailer.

“I feel the Fire is going to be a failure,” Mr. Nielsen, of the Nielsen Norman Group, a Silicon Valley consulting firm, said in an interview. “I can’t recommend buying it.”

Source: The New York Times


What the New, New Twitter Means to You and Your Business

Twitter has undergone nothing short of a complete redesign…again. I would like to take some time to review why this version of Twitter is important to you and your business.

The new experience offers a much needed simplification. After all, almost six years following its debut, one of the most common searches for “how do you use…” on Google, is still…Twitter.

Source: Brian Solis

Quebec Vows Court Battle Over Gun Registry

Quebec says it’s prepared to take legal action against Ottawa in an effort to save data from the soon-to-be-abolished long-gun registry.

Ideally, the province wants the registry to survive. But if legislation passes through Parliament to end the program, Quebec will head for the courtroom.

Source: The Globe and Mail